Weekly Menu Planning November 2023

Trying again to stick with posting our meal plans. We’ve been trying different systems to see what works for us and we like planning some meals but not all, a bit of structure and some freedom too.

Mon: Today we’re having reheated chicken and kidney bean enchiladas from yesterday with rice.

Tue: Cottage Pie though I need to make the filling today cause I’m worried about the mince lasting.

Wed: Cottage Pie leftovers.

Thu: Chickpea and Potato Saagwala served with Rice.

Fri: Chicken and Broad Bean Stew served with Charlotte Potatoes.

Sat: Chipotle Pinto Bean Stew served with Tortillas/Bread and anything else we can scrounge up.

Sun: Chicken and Leek Pasta.

Have a good week!


It’ll be a short cooking week for me
Monday: leftover schnitzel, potato pancakes and pork goulash.

This is similar to the potato pancake with pork goulash that I ordered at the Polish restaurant: https://polishfoodies.com/polish-potato-pancakes-with-goulash-recipe/

Tue: Chicken. Thinking about a Portuguese chicken and rice https://theportugueseamericanmom.com/portuguese-chicken-rice-arroz-com-frango/
Roasted spaghetti squash

Wed: the tuna casserole I didn’t make last week.
Waldorf salad or ambrosia

Thu: maybe lamb, tbd


Not a lot of planning of late as I was visiting my nephews (and their parents, haha) for a birthday last week, and after I got back there was a lot of eating out (and ennui post redeye).

I have a bunch of Asian and Indian fresh produce to use up, have blanched older stuff so I can easily incorporate it over the week, the rest will have to wait till next week.

Recent actuals:

Ideas for this week and next:

  • Salmon + snow pea salad with ginger sesame dressing (tonight)
  • Lion’s head (turkey) meatballs – inspired by this, this, and @MunchkinRedux recipe
  • Mushroom lasagna (white) or a deconstructed version using mafalda (will probably get pushed to next week)
  • King oyster mushroom Yakitori + Tsukune (freezer)
  • Turkey Larb
  • Japanese clay pot rice with salmon and mushrooms / Takikomi gohan

Thanksgiving prep (early family dinner this weekend):
Cured salmon for appetizer / grazing (3 days cure + 1 day to freeze so it can travel)
– Kheema puffs or spirals if I have time (my usual kheema in puff pastry)
– Brownies for hostess & kid gifts
– Orange olive oil or ricotta cake ditto

Good week to all!


I think I’ll follow this Spanish recipe instead. Calls for saffron, wine, peas, and no chorizo.


Greetings, People – and gobble-gobble!

Looking forward this week to the annual holiday and related rituals. The traditional celebration will be followed by a two-day fundraiser for our county foodbank. By Sunday I plan on being happy, tired, and satiated both culinarily and spiritually.

Cooking for two adults in the PNW:

FRI: Hot wings on the grill. Veggie stix. Ranch.

SAT: Leftover Persian soup and beef-and-potato meatballs. Naan.

SUN: Steak on the grill. Green salad.

MON: Pan-roasted chicken thighs. Apple-and-sausage stuffing (I won’t be making stuffing for Thanksgiving dinner). Green salad.

TUE: Chicken-zucchini meatballs over orzo (rolled from a prior week).

WED: Blackened salmon. Simple potato gratin. Green salad.

THUR: Happy Thanksgiving! Grilled Turkey breast and Swiss cheese sandwiches on cranberry sourdough. Cider gravy. Carrot slaw. Oven fries. An assortment of pickled fruits and veg. Pumpkin pie. Pumpkin ice cream.


Nominations are open for the December Cookbook of the Month. Please join us!

Greetings from Ottawa where it is positively springlike. It was 14 degrees celsius the last time I checked the temperature and I think that’s in the high 50s farenheit. I wore a windbreaker and shoes when I picked up my take-out lunch whereas I would normally be wearing a parka and winter boots at this time of year. Not much planned for this weekend since the Canadian football season is coming to an end. Our end-of-season championship, the Grey Cup, is on Sunday and I have decided this year I don’t feel like cooking anything - not even a steak - so store bought finger foods are in order. My menus for this week look like this:

Today: Meatball sandwich for lunch from a nearby deli. Panzanella for dinner.

Saturday: Fridge and freezer clean out. I think I have a squash or three left in the fridge so I will have to go looking for them then cook and freeze. The tiredness is wearing off enough that I can cook something in the oven and not worry about not hearing the timer go off. Dinner will be pasta with spinach and white beans.

Sunday: Grey Cup Sunday! I will head up to the market in search of dinner. Our local cheese shop is owned by a Lebanese man so his store has a lot of Lebanese dishes like stuffed grape leaves, baba ghanouj, and every type of olive you could want or need. They also have a nice selection of cheeses and patés. Dinner will most likely come from that store but I will probably window shop first.

Monday: Stuffed green pepper. Veggie sides tbd.

Tuesday: Pork lo mein.

Wednesday: Pork and rice noodle bowl.

Thursday: Linguine with zucchini and mint, veggie sides tbd.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!


Hi, all! Cooking for 2, mostly in Chattanooga. We’re going to travel (wish us luck!) to CA this year to celebrate with the daughters, and while it’s kind of hard not to be controlling everything, I think it’ll be fun…
Friday, November 17 (change of plans): Hawaiian fried chicken, rice, green beans
Breakfast: Prune coffee cake
Saturday: Swedish meatballs, roasted cauliflower, egg noodles, chocolate Swiss roll
Sunday: Steaks with citrus sauce, sides TBD (probably leftover…)
Monday: Burgers, roasted potatoes, and broccoli for our house sitters
Tuesday: Leftovers before we get on the plane.
Wednesday: TBD, maybe lasagna if we’re up for it, maybe out
Thursday: The big day, with too many dishes to list here. Fortunately, one daughter has been working for a caterer, so she’ll be very helpful! Doing the turkey and a couple other recipes from Jubilee.
Friday: Restaurant Thanksgiving with my dad and his siblings

I hope all those celebrating Thanksgiving get to eat the food they like and sit with the people they like. Have a good week and happy cooking!


Love your Grey Cup plan, sounds delicious. LLD excited about the Alouettes being in it.


Yes yes for the Alouettes says someone who grew up in Montreal.


Triple forks and knives for you! Another Montreal ex pat here :slight_smile: Needless to say that is the team I will be cheering for.


Hi everyone, and wishing you a happy, delicious, warm-hearted thanksgiving in advance. We’re off to Bermuda for the week, and our Thanksgiving meal will be pub grub while playing trivia. LLD had some sort of stomach issue and there wasn’t as much cooking as planned this week. But here it is:

Mon: skillet shrimp scampi with tomatoes (COTM Dinner in One), delicious and easy, which is currently my highest praise for a recipe.

Tues: Fiery Korean chicken (Cookish), rice, cucumber salad

Wed: chicken and dumplings (also COTM), which uses gnocchi for the dumplings. It works and I’m sold.

Belly problems came Thursday, and we’re hoping they’re gone now.

Happy Thanksgiving! So grateful for this group.


Have a lovely time in Bermuda! And let’s hope LLD’s stomach bug clears up soonest.


Ain’t that the truth!

Have a wonderful break, and happy thanksgiving!

How was the Korean chicken from Cookish? I still haven’t had a look at the book.


Happy thanksgiving week to all celebrating; I continue to be thankful for this community — the camaraderie, learning, and banter.

My bid to boycott Thanksgiving this year didn’t go so well… in fact it fully backfired in that I’m having two thanksgivings now :rofl:.

First is my usual extended family Thanksgiving, which is happening early, on Sunday. And then Thanksgiving day (+/- 2 days) which will be spent with friends at their weekend place a train ride from nyc.

So, no elaborate meal planning, just using up things like last week, prepping things to take with me, and wondering if there will be after-T-day turkey sales to make some soup and curry, which are the “traditional” leftovers from years past that I miss.

Plan for the days I’m in town next week:
— Mushroom lasagna (white) or a deconstructed version using mafalda (may make up a big one to take with me and relieve my hosts of one meal)
— King oyster mushroom Yakitori + Tsukune — easy assembly meal, everything is already in the freezer
— Japanese clay pot rice with salmon and mushrooms / Takikomi gohan — ditto
— Kathi rolls with kababs I froze before leaving
— Kheema macaroni with leftover kheema spirals filling

Thanksgiving(s)-related cooking:
Kheema spirals (made, there may be a 2nd round once I ask my 2nd set of hosts)
Beet-cured salmon (made both batches already)
— Orange olive oil cake for hostess / kid gifts (made first round, will bake the second round the day before I’m leaving)
Brandade (likely of salmon or tuna, not salt cod) for the second trip
— Brownies (trying a new method) for kid/hostess gifts round 2

Wish you all a relaxing weekend and good week ahead.


Thanks! The Korean chicken is very easy, although with a non-working broiler I don’t follow the directions. Just cook it like I’d cook any other chicken in the oven. But LLD has some fear that gochujang is the problem with his stomach, so I have a sinking feeling I won’t be cooking as much Korean food as I’d like in the future.


My mom’s tummy reacts to gochujang too, and other fermented asian sauces.

Maybe you can make ssam sauce to add to your portion later?


Oh, that’s interesting that your mother has this same issue. And I do have a feeling that sometimes fish sauce does this to him too. Oh no. He likes Korean food a lot when we go out for it. I’m going to have to be careful about all of this.

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I’m sensitive myself (I take a digestive enzyme because I’m not not going to eat this stuff :joy: — it works well, even with my alcohol allergy)


I’m learning so much! So is this different from, say, gasX? Do you need to take it daily? What things set your system off, and does this help a lot??