What are you baking? November 2023

Ah, yes, you put your finger on it!

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I have a half-batch of the NYT almond flour dough in the freezer, waiting for my next chocolate emergency!

I will say that the GF baking I’ve done with a premixed flour blend (King Arthur Measure 4 Measure) has been grittier than the recipes that call for individual flours and starches. For something like cornbread, M4M works fine… otherwise that hydration rest is important!

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It does brown a bit ( my pictures are of questionable quality)… I do like that I don’t have to buy anything extra: usually have almond flour!

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Thanks will check that out!! I have a few friends with celiac, always nice to have options…

They do in the video, maybe it’s size-related.

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Started on Thanksgiving prep.

Kheema spirals / spiral kheema parathas to start: more heavily than usually spiced kheema (ground turkey this iteration), and calabrian chile paste spread on half the pastry for a spicier version.

These turned out well, and will be repeated.


Another good GF dessert using almond flour is the Loopy Whisk’s lemon drizzle cake. I’ve also made a fall version with apple cider instead of lemon juice, and cinnamon and nutmeg instead of lemon zest.

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Baby boule (1 cup flour) using the SE method of overnight rise + 3-5 days in the fridge.

I may need to replace my yeast (or I should have used a smaller container… or I shouldn’t have tried ATK’s cold oven start on this, maybe the initial oven spring was missing).

Really nice flavor. I ate all the “corners” soon after it came out (sliced up the rest and put away for toast).


Marron glacé muffins. I’m staying at a friend’s house who has no oven. We went halves on a toaster oven for her and her husband. She doesn’t bake at all, but loves lightly sweetened cakes, etc. I used a basic muffin from the back of a Japanese pancake mix (similar to something like Bisquick) and changed out some of the normal ingredients with Greek yogurt and cream cheese. I also added said marron glacé and vanilla extract.

I wish I could bake and cook more for her and her husband, but their kitchen is small and sparse and because that’s the way the like it, I really can’t do anything about it.


@Saregama I am fascinated by your kheema spirals. Just kheema rolled in puff pastry or is there more to it?


Those look so delicious! My lemon verbena plant is… not thriving, I think it needs more sun. Got just enough leaves to make a mason jar of simple syrup :roll_eyes:

That’s it!

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Yea, LV likes full sun. Is yours in a pot or in the ground?

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It’s in the ground in a location that gets probably about 5ish hours of sun in the spring and summer. I’m planning to uproot my whole herb garden in March to compost and move things around. Hopefully with a high ratio of survivors!

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The good thing about LV is how fast it grows, at least for me where I am - I put two nursery-purchased seedlings in the ground in May, and had at least 100x more LV than I could use within the same season.


Szarlotka, first time using Smitten Kitchen’s recipe. The photo is a little lame - I can’t put the final shower of cinnamon sugar on yet because it’s still warm - but the smell is intoxicating :slight_smile:

You put the diced apples directly into the bottom of a greased springform pan, then prepare a very meringue-ey batter by beating eggs and sugar for a long time til ribbony. You spoon in some vanilla and flour (and I added salt, because of you-know-who), press the batter into the apples, and bake for an hour.


I finally got to try this (there was one single leftover piece) and I’m surprised how much I like it. The “cake” part has no butter, so it eats a little like meringue. It’s a bit crispy, which is very nice against the soft cooked apples.

I added cinnamon and lemon juice to the diced apples after having read the comments in the recipe (and knowing Mom’s penchant for cinnamon generally.) As I said in my initial post, I also added about 1/2 to 3/4 tsp fine sea salt to the flour before stirring it in at the very end (you don’t mix it using the mixer.)

Will make again!


I seem to remember you expressing not liking sponge cakes much, so I’m pleased you liked a very classic sponge cake (no added fat, whole eggs) enough to make it again.

me, really?

I think specifically Swiss rolls citing they were too light.