What's for Dinner #100 - The WFD Big 100th Edition - November 2023

Love Frikadeller, both the German kind and the Danish kind.

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Re-uploading p

hotos of food


We enjoyed another excellent dinner at Cafe Panache in Ramsey, NJ, including an outstanding venison cherry sausage with red cabbage and honey dijonaisse; pan seared venison with spaetzle and juniper berry sauce; seared octopus with eggplant caponata; panko crusted halibut with forbidden rice and wasabi sauce. It all went great with an excellent red blend aged in bourbon barrels and cabernet.


Lion’s Head Soup, one of my favorite autumnal braises. Served over a mound of white rice.


Soup and salad is wfd. Soup was onions, garlic, carrots sauteed in oo, added chicken broth, s&p, bay leaf, Alex Guarnaschelli’s roasted pork meatballs and just before serving precooked orzo, peas and parsley. Salad of oakleaf, radicchio, onion, tomato, cucumber, Kalamata olives, creamy Greek dressing. Warm baguette with tpstob. Wine. Soup was delicious will definitely be a repeat.


Tonight, a selection of bites picked up over the day from Queens after a Burmese food fair.

Started with chargha (like tandoori chicken) from Jackson Heights with naan and sumac onions.


Ended with indonesian rendang from a grocery store near the Burmese fair.


Last night, I made palak dal and rice to finish up a bit of leftover smoked goat that came home with me the other night.

Went a bit extra on the spinach – had some sauteed and frozen and it looked like the right amount, but was probably at least 2x what I needed :joy:. But it was the vegetable component of the meal, so that was probably a good thing.


Also a bit of a baking spree yesterday – bagels (good), focaccia (not).


Do you have a recipe you like? I’ve had lions head meatballs on my menu plan for a few weeks now, and finally bought ground turkey to make them!

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Great meal at Katsumidori Sushi located in the Prince Waikiki hotel.

You order from a screen at your own leisurely pace until you are sated. I had a lovely junmai sake that was (over-)poured generously, my PIC had an Asahi. We shared the seared nigiri (fatty tuna, scallop, salmon with miso, white fish, shrimp mayonnaise), golden eye snapper, medium fatty tuna nigiri, negitoro, uni, and ikura (with generous extra bits of each on the side), golden eye snapper collar (maybe our least favorite dish), and I finished with a fatty tuna nigiri and soy-cured salmon nigiri. Not too $$$, either.


Last of the chili from earlier in the week…no red beans in the house so we went with white. A dollop of trader joe’s sour cream for me, cheese for him and a guac w/chips to share. And wine, cuz it was Saturday night!


Oh no! Have you tried Serious Eats’?

Garnishes! I always want a garnish of some sort with soups or stews. Smiled when I saw your plates.


Last night’s dinner was a bit of an experiment. I made a Ground Beef, Onion and Tomato Quiche. I’m sure the French never envisioned putting Ground Beef into a Quiche, but I thought – Why not?? I figured onions and tomatoes go well with ground beef, so I put them together in this creation. It actually tasted pretty good. I’ll need to tweak the recipe a bit if I try this again, but all in all not a bad first attempt.


Yum! What greens are you using here? Our weather is definitely invoking braises and stews at this point!


Originally I had a recipe from Martha Stewart (The Martha Stewart Cookbook Lion’s Head Meatballs P. 182). Over the years it’s morphed a bit. Last night’s version of meatballs included:

1 lb. ground pork

1/4 c. grated, well-wrung zucchini from the freezer < — totally ad hoc here

1 t. minced ginger

1 T. minced garlic

½ cup finely chopped water chestnuts < — also a modification, I like the crunch

3 large scallions, minced

1 egg

1 t. sugar

1 T. sherry

½ T. dark soy (mushroom soy also good here)

1 T. cornstarch

½ t. granulated salt

Black pepper

Divide into patties and brown on both sides – about 3 minutes per side. Remove to a paper-towel lined rack. Deglaze the pot (I used a Le Creuset Dutch Oven) with 1 c. of chicken stock. Add 1 t. sesame oil. Layer in 2-3 large heads of (chopped) baby bok choy. Return the meatballs to the pot. Bring to a simmer, cover and cook 1 to 1 ½ hours. Adjust seasonings with more salt, sherry and soy, if needed.


Baby bok choy. Two large heads. I would have added one more if I had it, but I accidentally used it up the other night.

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I’ve had water chestnuts in restaurant lion’s head meatballs, so it’s not an uncommon addition.

ATK has a nice recipe for the white broth style that’s more like soup with lots of broth to sip (though it’s always been mung bean noodles when I’ve had it, not rice noodles like they used).

Actually Shao Z used water chestnuts in her version here:

I go no tofu when I make them.

For the red-braised style, I like Mandy’s recipe:


I love and admire your willingness to reinvent/create and not be afraid of it.


Store bought rotisserie chicken “Buffalo style” , romaine, pickled veggies, cocktail tomatoes, shaved Parm Regg, Dijon/red wine vinaigrette.


Boneless skinless chicken thighs in labneh, garlic and onion powder with some Creole seasoning thrown in. Grilled on coals. Bhel with potatoes, cukes, tomatoes and red onion.