What's for Dinner #100 - The WFD Big 100th Edition - November 2023

Wishing you the best of luck! We gave up eating lunch in favor of a sweet treat with afternoon tea. All I can say is I enjoy the treat, but I’m really, really hungry come dinner time. :neutral_face:


Thank you !

I stopped drinking over the last 2 years.

Not that I ever drank that much, but the one thing I’ve been indulging in the past 2 years, especially since moving into a neighbourhood with some people really nice patisseries and coffee shops this year , has been nice baked goods.

I seem to have no self-control with some cookies, baked goods and chocolates lately.

I had been trying to eat more Salami and cheese for a while, and that led to some other health issues, so I’m trying to focus on tea, new preps of fruits and vegetables ,and salads.


Interesting. I’ve been cutting back on drinking, and watching my craving for sweets skyrocketing. I was never a big sweet eater before, but now …


Migas with pinto beans and tortillas


Not my best plating effort. Kingfish (new to me, very nice!) with sage butter; okra stewed with tomatoes.


Caesar salad looks pretty, at least. Ignore the fact that I can’t make emulsified egg dressings to save my life.



Busy cooking day before I leave.

Lemon muffins for one kiddo.

Masala snack puris also for him (batch 2, because he was concerned batch 1 was insufficient if parents and sibling who did not request this started tucking in).

Bhel for other kiddo and sibling after-school / before-dinner snack.

Japchae for everyone — 2 versions, with and without spinach, both vegetarian. (Double batch, froze half for the kids for next week.)

Beyond Steak made into a spicy stir-fry (half Korean / half kung pao, because I added cashews :joy:).

Real steak (previously cooked sous vide) made into the same thing.

Tomato salad because someone thought there needed to be some balance.


That’s love!


Last night was fish tacos by DH:

He also made a creamy slaw with cucumber, fennel, and carrot.


Fabulous meal with the lovely @mariacarmen and her lovely sis at Rintaro. We shared the yellowtail amberjack sashimi - the fish practically melted in your mouth, the black cod, the tonkatsu, grilled king oyster, chicken thighs with sansho, and chicken oysters (those were so amazing we got another order), hamachi kama, and pork soup dumplings with chicken feet jelly. Impossible to pick a favorite dish.

Two wonderful bottles of Austrian rosé to go with, and Drinks After at the same bar we got Drinks Before :slight_smile:

Off to Hawai’i later today :partying_face:


Safe and delicious travels!!


Thank you so very much for taking the time to post this for me. It sounds very good to me and I know my daughter will love it. She won’t eat pizza with a tomato based sauce. She love tomato based sauces with pizza and doesn’t understand why she doesn’t like them on pizza, but she just can’t eat red pizzas.

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Looking forward to your posts…what island(s) will you be visiting?
Fair winds and following seas to you and yours.


Have you tried starting with mayo? I’m not an expert but these have worked well for me. (If you want to make the mayo, I use an immersion blender.)

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I spy… NO hot sauce?

I got some yellows, oranges, and reds in there too :wink:

A quick Skinny Orange Chicken dinner on Basmati rice with steamed broccoli and schprinkled with chopped cashews. Because I can.

P.S. DO NOT use 3 Tbsp of cornstarch if making a full recipe! It comes out so gloppy! I only use 1 Tbsp and it’s more than enough.


Spaetzle and surimi

Surimi and mushrooms without spaetzle

My last radishes from the garden and some arugula

Cabbage 2 ways


Chili with meat and beans from the freezer. The usual suspects: cheddar, scallion, sour cream, tabasco. Home-fried tortilla chips and chicken chicharrones on the side.


Wfd: “Hunan chicken” from a Bon Appetit circa 1999, steamed broccoli, white rice. And two job offers :slight_smile: . Oh yeah!!!


Looks wonderful and congrats!