Weekly Menu Planning November 2023

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Actuals for Nov 13 week, cooking for 2 in MN, where we’ve had a “heat wave” of warmish temperatures - 50’s during the day and just below freezing overnight. Which made our final yard cleanups (husband says he’s now mowed leaves 11 times) and shrubbery/tree trimming much easier - able to work in light sweatshirts rather than parkas. Yet still cool enough that oven meals and beer bread baking (a 2nd round, per request) just nicely heated the kitchen.

Wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving. May your pies be perfect and your favorite leftovers enough for easy weekend meals.

Mon: Oven BBQ pork ribs, cheesy grits, asparagus
Tues: Cheater lasagna – (Italian sausage ravioli, jarred sauce, mozzarella), green beans, garlic buttered rosemary bread. Lasagna was quite good, and even though my 10 oz of ravioli only made 1 1/2 layers we had enough left from the 8x8 pan for 2 lunches.
Wed: Open face tuna melts on hoagie rolls. Sweet potato puffs. Dessert was nibbles of holiday sweets from World Market – including English fruitcake and German gingerbread cookies. Before breakfast, BAKED beer bread - note to self (again) have coffee first next time; luckily the glass bread pan didn’t break when I dropped the mixing bowl of batter on it.
Thurs: Soup & sandwich: Loaded Baked Potato soup (packet, OK but won’t get again) , leftover half of a tuna melt & tots, toasted ham & cheese on beer bread. Grape tomatoes. Ice cream treats
Fri: Mahi Mahi, roasted squash from freezer, peas, fresh spinach, grape tomatoes
Sat: Baked curry cod w coconut rice, bag salad (enough of everything left for supper Sunday, too)
Sun (today): noon - Pork tenderloin with maple/dijon glaze, mashed potatoes, applesauce, broccoli.


I’m at the airport about to head out, and will check later. Thank you so much.


Hi, everyone. Feeding two adults and a teen, in the Boston burbs for a few more days - we’re leaving Tuesday evening for 5 days in London!

Sun: burrito bowls, using carnitas from the freezer (the Del Real brand from Costco)

Mon: pasta, red sauce and meatballs, and whatever vegetables need to be used up from the fridge

Rest of the week: I’m not cooking :slight_smile:


Woo! Enjoy London!!


Hi everyone, cooking for two in the UK. Hopefully I’ll succeed in keeping up my reporting streak.

Mon: We had a chicken, broad bean (frozen) and Charlotte potato stew. My partner was making yummy noises through the whole bowl and lamented our lack of bread to mop up the sauce.

Tue: Lasagne. I’ve had lasagne sheets for ages and really need to use them up now.

Wed: Lasagne leftovers.

Thu: Minestrone with homemade bread rolls.

Fri: Minestrone leftovers.

Sat: Chickpea and potato saagwala with homemade flatbread (maybe). We didn’t get to have it last week as they didn’t bring me spinach in my delivery and watercress is not a good substitute.

Sun: Pasta alla Zozzona.

Have a good week everyone!


Back from a lovely weekend in Palm Springs. Did some hiking in Joshua Tree, read by the hotel pool, and ate too much.

For two adults in San Diego:

Breakfasts: Will bake a couple of loaves of pumpkin bread.

M: Pizza we picked up on the way home.
T: Leftover TJ’s roasted red pepper and tomato soup with bread - vegetarian/soup
W: Crab cake sandwich with chips or fruit - seafood
Th: Thanksgiving - Going fairly simple this year. Honeybaked ham, doctored TJs stuffing, doctored TJs gravy, mashed potatoes, peas au gratin, cranberry sauce, cheap brown n serve rolls at the insistence of my husband. Probably pumpkin bread topped with whipped cream for dessert.
F: Leftovers!

Have a good week! May all your cooking go splendidly!


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Sun: Armenian take-out, including shashlik and pilaf

Tri Tip with Joe Beef butcher’s blend seasoning, shrimp with jarred Sharwoods Madras sauce, leftover pilaf

Lemon oregano chicken quarters, Masala Mac & Cheese (added around 1/2 cup jarred Madras sauce to 1 1/2 cups of bechamel and 3/4 cups of cheese, might increase the Madras sauce ratio another time)

Wed: freezer scrounge
Black eyed peas frozen in some sort of tomato sauce, trout potato cakes I made in October, some purchased frozen Oysters Rockefeller,
Also some fresh cooked cauliflower with lemon and evoo

Turkey schnitzel with cranberry sauce, stuffing, cauliflower cheese, some sort of eggplant, some sort of pumpkin thing using up pumpkin from the freezer. Maybe a pumpkin freekeh pilaf, now that I think about it

Fri: fish to be determined

Sat: ribeye or T Bone from the freezer, the rest to be determined.

Sunday: take-out to be determined


The masala mac and cheese sounds amazing! I have to try that. Did you use any other add ins?

I didn’t this time because there was so much flavour in that jarred sauce. I have made a recipe before. Mac and Cheese - #110 by Phoenikia

There are a lot of recipes online.

I’ve also added leftover Tandoori chicken or tikka masala to boxed macaroni and cheese.

There’s also Tikka Masala Mac & Cheese, same kind of idea. If I was making this I’d use sub milk for cream.


These look great, thank you for the links! It sounds right up our alley.


It is a beautiful sunny day out and one of those days where it is hard to stay indoors when it is so nice out. It’s quite a bit cooler today but the sunshine makes it worth it! :slight_smile: I hope it’s sunny on Sunday since I am hoping to head up to the market to shop and also to take a stroll around. It is so dark for so long at this time of year I am really craving sunshine. Last Saturday I had intended to make a pasta dish for dinner then nibbly stuff for dinner on Sunday. But by the time Saturday night rolled around I was too tired to cook so I ordered Chinese take out for dinner then some fried rice for dinner on Sunday and there were leftovers so meals got bumped. So this week this is what my menu plan looks like:

Today: Take out lunch is a kale caesar from Farm Boy (grocery store chain) and it is delicious. I’ve enjoyed most of their take out meals so far. The only exception was a chicken teriyaki dish I bought a year or so ago which was a dismal failure. The chicken and rice were as dry as a hockey puck and the sauce had all sunk to the bottom and was salty. It’s the only flop so far so I can’t complain. Since I am having a salad for lunch I will have an open faced sandwich tonight using up some sliced ham and an avocado in the fridge.

Saturday: Pork lo mein.

Sunday: Rainbow trout fillet with Greek salad.

Monday: The last serving of a cauliflower curry I found in the freezer .

Tuesday: Pork and rice noodle bowl.

Wednesday: A couple of chicken skewers I have left in the freezer with a salad of some kind.

Thursday: Tagliatelle with brussels sprouts and gorgonzola loosely based on this recipe, veggies tbd.

Lunches will alternate between Greek salad and couscous salad.


Greetings, People.

I hope your holiday was cheerful and fulfilling!

At our house we are following the delicious holiday meal with lots of leftovers to start the week (followed by a few nights of lighter fare to cut through the food fog).

Feeding and cooking for two adults in the PNW.

FRI: Turkey sandwiches and leftovers.

SAT: Turkey sandwiches and leftovers.

SUN: Cabbage stir-fry #1.

MON: Salmon in some form. Veg TBD.

TUE: EZ beef soup. Baguette.

WED: Lemony chicken and potatoes – a NYT sheet-pan dinner (gift link). Baby garden peas.

THUR: Cabbage stir-fry #2.


Going to take advantage of leftovers this week and not worry about my vegetarian/seafood meals. Only a few weeks left in the semester here, and I’m so busy and so behind in grading. :joy:

For two adults in San Diego:

Breakfasts: Probably chocolate chip scones after finishing up the pumpkin bread from last week.

S: (tonight) takeout - a brief break from leftovers - red beef and bean burrito with guacamole

Su: Thanksgiving pot pies

M: Pasta with leftover ham, peas, and Boursin

T: Leftover pot pies

W: Navy bean with ham soup - my husband makes this every time we have a ham. Leftovers will go in the freezer.

Th: Potato soup with ham, green chile, and cheese, because I bought russets to make mashed potatoes last week and then decided not to make them.

F: Old school ground turkey tacos with all the fixings

Have a good week!


Actuals for the past week, cooking for 2 in MN. Where snow overnight has brought home the reality that winter is coming. As mentioned over on the Thanksgiving 2023 discussion, our festive meal for 2 was just what I wanted. And as noted below, the cooking spree provided 5 more meals for us. So well worth the effort. Last weekend’s tenderloin roast filled lunchtime needs, and a couple of “not poultry” recipes balanced out the week. Onward to begin cookie-baking for family gift boxes, and a planned mid-week overnight visit with niece and her 4! children in WI, helping out while her ER doctor husband works night shifts.

Mon: Crab cakes, sweet corn, naan, red grapes http://www.food.com/recipe/muffin-tin-crab-cakes-143794
Tues: (and reheated Wed.) Crock pot Italian beef in beer (note – cut back on rosemary next time), on buns. Bag salad. Sweet potato tots.
also BAKED pecan tassies
Wed: lots of prep for Thursday meal - boiled eggs (to chill for devilled eggs), made cranberry orange sauce, made Crispix mix for snacks, diced veggies and bread for stuffing, diced veggies for pea casserole, BAKED pumpkin pie – Libby’s recipe for filling, frozen dough disk for crust 4 C filling, plus five-inch mini-pie with graham cracker/melted butter crust 1 ½ C filling.
Thurs: THANKSGIVING Roast chicken w almond stuffing, fresh cranberry sauce, pea casserole, devilled eggs, ripe olives, grape tomatoes, pumpkin pie, pecan tassies
Fri: Chicken & cream cheese on (bakery) toasted cranberry walnut bread. Pea casserole. Pumpkin pie.
Sat: Chesapeake spiced salmon cakes, wild rice (previously cooked and frozen), red grapes http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/recipe/chesapeake-spiced-salmon-cakes Allow 20 min. extra prep time if using their suggested “wild caught” salmon, since skin and bones need to be removed. I used 3 cans of skinless/boneless flaked, but needed to double the mayo for cakes to keep their shape.
Sun: Pizza (commercial frozen - making room in freezer for cookies), shredded carrot/apple/craisin salad


The December discussion is ready when your plan is more for December than November.


Hello! We had a lovely trip to London over the long holiday weekend - some good meals, some just so-so. The biggest surprise (food-wise) was some delicious sticky herb/garlic chicken wings at the Warner Bros Harry Potter studio tour. We also had a great dinner at Flat Iron in Kensington - the menu consists of 3-4 steaks and 6-8 sides, and we liked everything we ordered. I highly recommend the chips (fries) cooked in the steak drippings.

Now, back to reality… feeding two adults and a teen in the Boston burbs.

Mon: burrito bowls - chicken in the IP, rice in the oven, salsa and cheese from the fridge.

Tues: burgers, (American) chips, green beans

Weds: pasta e fagioli soup and grilled cheese sandwiches

Thurs: lasagna - not sure yet whether I will doctor up some jarred sauce or just use it as is, depends on how work goes in the afternoon.


Sounds like a great trip! Did you get any theatre in?

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Yes! We saw The Lion King - it was fantastic! (I’d wanted to see Back to the Future but there were only single seats available for the night we could go.)