What's for Dinner #100 - The WFD Big 100th Edition - November 2023

Thin crust Meat Lovers pizza with extra sausage(the guy who answered the phone was a little confused as to why I would need more meat on a ML pizza. I didn’t have the heart to tell him they were chintzy on the meat to begin with) and garden salad courtesy of Pizza Hut. Ken’s Caesar on the salad and since he hates cucumbers more for me. Zoom in for red pepper flakes and small packet of “grated cheese”. Not bad. Not bad at all.


We enjoyed another excellent dinner at Koon Thai Eatery in Hillsdale, NJ, including crispy Red snapper fillet tempura, roasted coconut, shallot, cashew nut, cilantro, scallion, fried shallot, garlic chip, chili jam, lime, coconut cream; garlic butter- Jumbo shrimp, shrimp roe, sweet shrimp paste, white pepper, coconut meat, Brussels sprouts, cilantro; Hunger- Stir-fry wide rice noodle, jumbo shrimp, pork sausage, egg, chili jam, soy bean paste, tofu, cashew nut, scallion, lime and romaine lettuce; crispy vermicelli with Tamarind, fried shallot, jumbo lump crab meat, green apple, shallot, scallion, calamansi lime, coconut milk; chicken bomb with Fried chicken thigh, shallot, corn, tomato, scallion, cilantro, fried onion, tamarind lime fish sauce; fried calamari with Tumeric, garlic with chili sauce and chopped peanut. It all went great with an excellent Zinfandel and Syrah.


Inspired by @ChristinaM‘s recent post of a chicken and biscuit pot pie, WFD tonight was… chicken and biscuits.

Leftover chicken soup from the freezer, beefed up with more leftover roast chicken breast, frozen peas, and thickened with both cream and potato flour (not to be confused with potato starch).

Buttermilk biscuits on the side. There was some pumpkin jam to go with the biscuits, which went equally well next to the soup.


Yes. I love all the different colors of the maples in the fall.


Roasted chicken thigh, purple potatoes, red & orange baby bells, padrons and onions. Seasoned with s&p, oregano, paprika. Salad of mixed greens. avocado, cherry tomatoes, onion, blue cheese, ranch dressing. Manhattan and wine.


Birthday week / pre-Diwali puri feast tonight.

Dry potatoes (which is the classic Bombay puri combination), wet potatoes (North Indian combination, for one), channa (for the kid who requested the meal and doesn’t love potatoes), and sweet dal (not a combination but the kids love it and this is the only indian meal I cooked so why not).

There was also a mysterious addition of Goan pork and potatoes :joy:

Well, going back to the puri math equation: I was given a count of 14, I made 34 balls of dough, of which 8 were left (turned into parathas for later in the week). So tonight’s ratio was almost double eaten vs the (aspirational?) undercount. (Should have made the other 8, because the dieters ate a bagel later, and the puri-loving kid would have happily eaten cold puris.)

Oh — and I ate rice, because rice + either of the potatoes is my comfort food.


This all looks fantastic. :yum:


Never has brown food looked so good.

Well done.



I think it will be my go to shrimp preparation! But you are right about the garlic :grinning:


I see what you did there.


Kale/hot sausage/potato/bean soup from the freezer with added ham and romaine that needed to be used up, showered with Parm Regg. Hit the spot on this miserable, rainy day.


I get the ‘you want more what?’ when I call in for take out pizza. If I go through the drive through I ask them to show me the pizza before I pay. Chintzy is a nice way of putting it. Cheap ba*&∆rds is how the roomate phrases it. Asking for extra cheese is followed by, “I’ll pay extra, natch!” A basic large combo without, nothing really fancy, no anchovies ($5 extra) with extra cheese goes for $33, no tax.

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They are beautiful! I had a few along with a weeping cherry, pieris japonica and a few camellias. So colorful!

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A pantry and freezer go-to after a busy day. Pasta with the Slaterish roasted tomatoes, garlic, and parsley. Uli’s mild Italian sausages. Marinated mushrooms from a jar. Green salad mix from the grocery. Lots of parm on everything.


Bits and bobs: leftover mushroom quiche from Emmer Bakery on Toronto, leftover Mary Brown’s fried chicken and wedge taters, Waldorf salad with dried cherries, currants and walnuts,

Russian cabbage soup, spaghetti squash with pumpkin pie spice, maple syrup and butter, vegetarian Polish-style Breton beans. Pumpkin spice cream puff from Emmer Bakery for the dessert eaters.

I’m 48 hours into no desserts, cookies, sweets or candies.


Calamari with tartar sauce, cauliflower tortilla from the freezer, cabbage, snow pea, carrot slaw with Carolina dressing. A Boulevardier and wineish.


Wishing you the best of luck! We gave up eating lunch in favor of a sweet treat with afternoon tea. All I can say is I enjoy the treat, but I’m really, really hungry come dinner time. :neutral_face:


Thank you !

I stopped drinking over the last 2 years.

Not that I ever drank that much, but the one thing I’ve been indulging in the past 2 years, especially since moving into a neighbourhood with some people really nice patisseries and coffee shops this year , has been nice baked goods.

I seem to have no self-control with some cookies, baked goods and chocolates lately.

I had been trying to eat more Salami and cheese for a while, and that led to some other health issues, so I’m trying to focus on tea, new preps of fruits and vegetables ,and salads.


Interesting. I’ve been cutting back on drinking, and watching my craving for sweets skyrocketing. I was never a big sweet eater before, but now …


Migas with pinto beans and tortillas