Ideas for Lamb

I’m going to park some new recipe links here, as well as some good lamb reference threads.


I’m inspired by this braised Burmese lamb with cilantro and ginger.

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Here’s a few pastry-based dishes I’ve made and enjoyed using ground lamb:



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Love tourtiere (as I think I probably said when you posted making it)!

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The Lamb and Chickpea Curry Stew, I make a few times a year:

This is the Ultimate comfort food cheesy pasta with lamb.
Baked Rigatoni with Lamb Ragù:

Thanks Barefoot Contessa !

I like my lamb: roasts, boneless or leg of, simple. Garlic cloves inserted throughout, peppered, roasted with roasted potato halves and my great grandmother’s coffee gravy, butterflied boneless lamb roast on the grill, marinated in pomegranate juice, red wine, bay leaves and fresh regano, or even as kebabs, grilled lamb chops seasoned with garlic, rosemary, coarse ground pepper and a drop or two of evoo, lamb blocks braised with aforementioned herbs in white wine ground lamb kofta or lamb burgers…
Lamb has such a unique flavor, no real need to over season it for flavor! I liked a lazy manti pasta dish made with lamb.

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I’m with you; and would add that the fat is gold in my house. I always save leftover lamb fat. Potatoes love it.

Blade steaks are the tastiest piece of lamb around. Just simply grill. Don’t need nuthin.’ I use a stove top grill ‘thing’ that covers two burners and has ridges. But those electric ones work just as well.

I’ve got grapes and green tomatoes!

I’m going to make the following with Coronation grapes, and a gifted pink sparkling wine.