Lamb shanks special; Rogan Josh?

I bought way too much meat today, especially because I’m likely the only one who will eat it. I think I know what to do with the pork spare ribs, but I don’t remember cooking lamb shanks. And for some reason they are chopped. Anybody know what C/R might mean?

lamb shanks 101

I’ve done some research and think I might like Rogan Josh.

Does anyone here cook or eat this with lamb shanks? Is there something else you prefer to do with them?
Not really feeling tomatoes, rosemary , wine.
This one appeals as well, but without the rose parts.

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Any recipe that calls for a low and slow braise will turn those shanks to butter. Yum. I love Rogan josh but you could sub them into any braise recipe for short ribs, etc.


Never seen shanks like that. I love slow-cook cuts.

Choose a flavour profile you like and cook it. Anything is good. Turkish, Moroccans, Persian, French and so on. Sometimes I just shred the meat to fill empanadas, lettuce wraps or Peking pancakes.


That rogan josh will be fabulous with your lamb shanks.

I love a Mario Battali (I know) lamb shanks recipe with oranges and olives but it seems pretty wintery to me.

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I agree with everyone else, any slow braise will work just pick your favorite flavors.

We love goat mole but it’s hard to get goat without going to an Asian or Latin grocery store around here so I’ll sometimes sub lamb shanks.

In the winter I’ll braise shanks with lots of onion, some garlic, red wine, port and a touch of tomato paste.


C/R= Cut/Ruined in my book. Most of the markets around me have started cutting shanks like that. Pisses me off! Fortunately one butcher can usually fine me a few not done that way. Not only does it harm presentation, they don’t cook as well. I have been given two explanations for this. One that people do not want to eat a whole one, the other is so people can get to the marrow.

I have yet to find someone that does not like the North African influenced Emeril Lagasse recipe I use. I also like them braised in white wine, white beans and kale. Since it is summer, you might enjoy the bbq one. Maybe you could tie them up somehow for the grilling part but probably not worth the trouble.


Thanks everyone,!

@shrinkrap, just wanted to say lamb shanks are beloved by us as Greeks. I’ll eat them however they’re prepared, anytime I get the chance. When cooking them, low and slow is the only method that works for us. I’ve tried a few different preps, none satisfying if they don’t have that melty texture when the collagen breaks down. Yes, lots and lots of different flavor profiles work beautifully with them.

I’m wracking my brain wondering what C/R means and can’t come up with a thing. Good question for a butcher, I guess.


I’m thinking it’s Cut +_____?

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Either cut or cracked I’m thinking, but the r is making me crazy @CurlzNJ!


I broke down the pork spare ribs to St. Louis cut, and ground pork, some for larb in lettuce wraps


It will be nice to figure out what c/r means, but I’m going to start with a Berbere rub,

then a hard but careful sear, and figure out the rest of the braise tomorrow. It would be amazing if that works. I have a lot of roasted tomatoes, so I may end up using those as well. I also have recently preserved lemons! Hmm.


I figured it out! Cook REALLY long and slow. :rofl: :rofl:


That’s it!

You definitely should win something for that answer IMO! :smiley_cat:

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I made

I was inspired by Morrocan flavors, and ended up using both Berbere AND Baharat spice mix …is that bad? :thinking:

So far I faced my scary-at-night backyard for some rosemary, added the pomegranate juice (and a bit of pomegranate molasses), and the other ingredients I this recipe, and have resisted adding tomatoes.

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NEVER!!! Also: That looks FANTASTIC!


I’m making some Shanks tonight.
I decided to go more of a French route with red wine and quatre èpices.

I found this, which looks interesting for Indian lamb shanks.


Bahamian lamb shanks


Do share! Are they the same cut as mine?

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