Tomato Season - the Master Thread

The roasted ratatouille recipe you posted caught my eye, because all those veggies are in my house right now. Thanks for the inspiration! Multipurpose recipe depending how much you roast the vegetables, yay.

Since I was planning to serve the roasted vegetables for dinner, I stopped roasting at about 1 hour so the dish would have more heft. I dotted the top with bits of fresh mozzarella to melt after turning off the oven. Reserved the balsamic vinegar for a garnish at the table, along with fresh basil leaves. Corn and cheddar biscuits for a side last night. Next time I make this, the side will be corn on the cob and a chunk of baguette.

Summer on a plate.


Great idea!

We alway throw tomatoes in our compost bin. It’s fun to see where they pop up later.

In the middle of nowhere

With the roses


I’ve had volunteers in the garden near where past tomatoes lived, but haven’t had any compost volunteers yet!!

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1504 varieties at a festival in Belgium


i want to try them all :heart_eyes:


The festival in question


Me, too!

I found a killer use for my slow-roasted cherry tomatoes (which have been living in the fridge since I made them): mixing with cooked, chilled leftover beans like Lima beans and green beans.

Something about the combination is really great.


I have been making versions of that roasted ratatouille recipe on repeat since you shared it.

Thanks again for the idea! I’ll be doing this until the frost hits.


So glad you have been enjoying it! You’re reminding me that I should get a final batch in the freezer to enjoy later in the Fall!

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Stashed from another thread.

Any green tomato ideas other than fried? I’m thinking chutney, pickle, preserves. I see one for a raw green tomato sauce.

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We think alike.


We made this last year to use up our green tomatoes.


@shrinkrap You might enjoy trying Green Tomato Pachadi (Chutney) since you enjoy the hyderabadi tomato chutney.

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This lamb recipe calls for green tomatoes and grapes Ideas for Lamb - #17 by Phoenikia

I haven’t made a green tomato crumble or crisp. It’s been on my radar a long time.

A green tomato casserole

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Still on my radar but that looks like a lot of work, or maybe just ingredients ai don’t have, for something that keeps 5 days. I’m trying to figure out how to get some of the same flavors in a simpler chutney. The tamarind sounds especially intriguing, wnd I happen to have some pods.

Made some tamarind paste for green tomato chutney
Found this on YouTube under "raw tomato chutney "

Used a NYT tamarind paste “recipe”, and was directed to another recipe in the comments!

I had all the ingredients, but it’s not as pretty.


David Lebovitz is following your lead this morning .:joy:

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