Favorite New Recipes from 2022

I’ve had that curry saved. This is giving me the nudge I need to make it happen this week! And I think I will riff on those cucumbers to serve with some bulgogi tacos I’m making Sunday. Thanks!


I love any recipe that hits favorite flavors for me (Thai curry being one of them) and is versatile. I’ve added any number of veg to it (like red peppers, spinach or bok choy), left out the cherry tomatoes, added cod or shrimp… and it comes together so fast! I’m not big on fussy recipes & ideally want my dinner ready in under an hour.

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This was my favorite annual thread on Chowhound, and will no doubt be my favorite here. I enjoy searching for new recipes on-line. All that I’ve referenced below I made for the first time in 2022, and liked them well enough to have made them at least twice this year, as well as added them to my arsenal of collected keepers.

For those of you stymied by paywalls, I would encourage you to learn to use an incognito browser (Google chrome, for instance) – it’s a great tool for accessing on-line resources.

…and these two, which won’t upload properly:




Nice list!
You jogged my memory. I liked this lazy manti recipe.

I think I’ll start 2023 by working through the recipes in this thread, that I haven’t tried yet.


My list will be short on the savory and long on the sweet, because Mom isn’t too adventurous when it comes to dinner. Nevertheless:

  1. "Cold noodles with cherry tomatoes"

Discovering this wonderful dish solved two problems for me: one, I have missed cold (Japanese) soba terribly since I relocated out of NYC, and two, I grow an heirloom black cherry tomato that is incredibly delicious and extremely prolific.

  1. Kenji’s “No Holds Barred Lasagne Bolognese

I was able to source local ricotta so I never made it myself, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. A time-consuming but delicious treat.

  1. Chili Crip Fettucine Alfredo with Spinach

The heat is easily adaptable here; I made a fairly mild version and passed the chili crisp at the table. A big hit.

4. Egg rice

This hardly merits being called a recipe, I guess, but I enjoyed learning and making this dish repeatedly this year for lunch.

  1. Peach frozen yogurt

@MunchkinRedux 's adaptation of a David Lebovitz recipe, which allowed me to finally realize a long-delayed dream of making delicious peach frozen dessert (it’s called frozen yogurt but it eats like ice cream.)

  1. Peach buttermilk soup

Not really soup, more like a chilled lassi, but delicious.

  1. Smitten Kitchen’s apricot breakfast crisp

  2. David Lebovitz’s lemon verbena ice cream

  3. Zoe’s tutu pavlova

  4. Lacy brown butter ricotta cookies from Serious Eats

  5. Candied ginger shortbread from King Arthur

  6. Dorie’s cranberry spice bundt cake


Always enjoy these kinds of threads.

There were several new keeper recipes this year (though most haven’t quite gone into rotation yet as I wasn’t in my kitchen a good portion of the year):

From COTMs:


The Roberta’s pizza dough in my favorite! I’m making a batch today for khachapuri that we will snack on tonight.

That cauliflower looks great - just added it to my 2023 “to make” list!


I never got to the brown butter ricotta cookies for Christmas. They are on the short list for the new year!


You won’t regret it :slight_smile:

You know I love that orange olive oil cake :smiley:

I loved the Aushak idea when you posted it — I’m going to try them when I get back.

I tried the Chicken Diavola when RR’s book was COTM ON Chowhound, and it was good but didn’t stick. Reminder to try again, maybe with a different chilli oil.

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An orange olive oil cake my resident baker makes includes whole oranges (peel and all) that are cooked down.

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That is the approach I use (whole oranges peel and all) when I make OOO cake and I love it.

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Have tried that version, not my thing. The pith leaves a bitter aftertaste detectable to my palate. (There was a much-beloved version attributable to someone’s grandma posted on Chowhound.)

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Ah, perhaps the oranges you used. I’ve never experienced any bitter taste in ours, just wonderfully orangey flavors :slight_smile:

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Palates are likely to differ as much if not more than oranges

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You are so right. It’s quite wonderful to have that much variety on our planet, innit?

True that.

I got the olive oil cake reference from you. It’s been a favorite at our house, as well.

I’ve been slowly ramping up the heat on the chicken diavolo by making a stronger and stronger chili oil. We like it more and more every time.


I didn’t make the chilli oil myself, given that I stock several, so maybe that was the shortfall.

Whole oranges, eh? Does your baker have a video of the technique? I LOVE this cake.