What's For Dinner #86 - the Apples, & Cider, & DONUTS, Oh MY! Edition - October 2022

Pulled pork
Almost-the-last garden salad

I made the pork butt in my cast iron skillet and it created QUITE a nice bark where the meat was in contact with the pan.


Quickie after soccer - baked spinach-cheese manicotti (with some veggie meatballs on top) and green salad.


Leftover chili with black beans from the freezer. Home-fried tortilla chips.


Wish I’d taken a photo of the composed plate, but we ate and I forgot. Smoked salmon potato cakes were served over arugula with a roasted red pepper vinagrette. And thank you to everyone who gave me ideas on how to salvage my shoe leather side of salmon. I flaked it, processed it in the fp until it was basically floss, and then rehydrated it in cold water for 36 hrs, before using it in this recipe.


Man I love fish cakes. Now I’m going to have to make some too :rofl:

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Last night’s dinner was like a flavor earwig, so I made something similar tonight — pasta with salmon, finished with cream.

Good, but something was missing, I may have skimped on the cream vs the restaurant, or maybe I needed to add some fresh tomatoes. Maybe some vermouth. Will think on it. (And eat it again at the restaurant, of course.)


ETA: There was dessert! I made a tiny Shrikhand Tart yesterday as a trial for a party. So now I have to eat it, of course. Yogurt on a Biscoff crust.


Butter or salt, or both.

It’s the secret ingredients of restaurants.

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I’m not shy about those. There’s a flavor element, or I might have used too much tomato paste. I’ll figure it out eventually.

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There’s home cook “shy” and then there’s restaurant “shy” …

I had garlic and onion both. I’m a subscriber to TPSTOB. Main problem is I was too hungry to be as analytical as I might otherwise have been.

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I’ve always had it flavored with tarragon, might give a nice boost. And/or sour cream.

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Maybe a little minced anchovy, dab of chicken broth base, or splash of soy sauce for umami. Or try that TJ’s umami powder.

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Sea bass with some green and red stuff, and like a big yellow thing.


from scratch


Agree, but I thought it was a game that @ipsedixit and @emglow101 were playing.

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I also love to garden and to cook, but my garden is never as prolific, and my cooking efforts don’t encompass quite the universe, compared to yours. I’m not retired yet, so I’ll use lack of time as my excuse. I’ll have to check in again when that lucky day happens with my improved efforts once the time frees up!


Quick and easy dinner tonight: sauteed broccoli florets, pieces of onion and sliced carrots, and the rest of a red bell pepper, adding in 2 large b/s chicken thighs cut into chunks.

Added some cooked udon noodles and my Dad’s peanut sauce. Dinnah.

With a glass of wine.


Tod Mun Pla (Thai Fish Cakes) adapted from Hot Thai Kitchen into burger sized patties for subs. So very good!


What are plum for the red . The green . A kind of spinach. The big yellow thing . Peach with burnt skin . The answer .what are…
Food Jeopardy.

Green Thai curry with graffiti eggplant, tofu, haricots and mixed bell peppers, over jasmine rice. A couple cheese quesadillas after.