Bloom (Verona, NJ)

(Eli Paryzer) #1

We had a sensational dinner at newly opened French / Korean fusion restaurant Bloom. Chefs and owners Woo and Joann are true artists. They both have graduated from the French Culinary Institute. Chef Woo has worked at some of the more renowned restaurants as Jean-Georges, Daniel, and Morimoto. I highly recommend this tiny little restaurant that sits a little over 20 people. Everything was bursting with flavor. The servers were very friendly. We have to add this to our regular rotation.
We shared a couple of appetizers of excellent filet mignon beef tartare with Asian pear, crispy farro, quail egg, and a spicy Korean chili paste. This was unlike any beef tartare I have ever had. The same can be said for the awesome grilled Spanish Octopus with salsa verde, quinoa, and cauliflower puree.
For entrees Mrs. P had the amazing crispy monkfish with ginger soy brown butter and saffron risotto. I had the melt in your mouth short ribs with carrot puree and potatoes. It all went great with Le Plan Cotes Du Rhone.
The portions are a little small, and you won’t get any leftovers, but I would rather have quality over quantity.


What's for Dinner #47 - the Halfway Through The Year Edition - July 2019
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We loved Bloom so much that we decided to return a week later with our friends from Staten Island. The food and presentation of Chef Woo was exquisite as always. We are privileged to have such an accomplished NY quality chef in the small town of Verona, which is only about 20 minutes away from us. However, the service was a little rushed and disjointed this time. One of the Chef/owners Joann was not there last night to keep everyone in line, and that might have had something to do with it. Although the food came out a little quicker than we had hoped for, we were not rushed to leave, and were able to enjoy each other’s company for about 3 hours. We shared multiple appetizers including a beautifully composed appetizer of watermelon salad with watermelon cubes topped with whipped ricotta, caramelized pecans, and a balsamic drizzle; escargot in mornay sauce; salt & pepper, and soy & ginger crispy chicken wings; a generous comp from chef Woo of melt in your mouth Bellota Iberico Jamon; beef tartare and octopus that were pictured in my previous post. For entrees I had the excellent bulgogi with kimchi fried rice and monkfish that was previously pictured in my last post. For dessert we had an excellent caramel sea salt ice cream. It was our friend’s wife’s 75th birthday a few weeks ago & this was the 1st time we saw her. We gave her a present, and the Chef brought out a little Tiramisu with a candle in it, and the Chef and staff all sang Happy Birthday to her, which was a very nice and unexpected touch. Our friends bought some fabulous wines including a 1998 Silver Oak cabernet and a 2009 Ridge Dynamite Hill petite Sirah. We bought a nice Châteauneuf Du Pape and red blend (not pictured). All in all great company and a fun evening.


What's for Dinner #47 - the Halfway Through The Year Edition - July 2019
(Eli Paryzer) #3

We had another sensational dinner at Bloom. This is our favorite new BYO of 2019. Joann, the owner was the perfect hostess, and Chef Woo is extremely talented. Besides our usual dishes, I had an unctuous applewood smoked bone marrow with caramelized kimchi. Mrs. P had a special of branzino with ratatouille. I had an excellent pork belly with jalapeño miso glaze, couscous with little apples, and sautéed Swiss chard. I also had Japchae; Korean glass sweet potato noodles with soy sauce and julienned vegetables. We also had the most addictive lightly tempura battered shishito peppers with a soy glaze. This was probably the best version of shishito peppers that I ever had. Everything went great with a 2016 Domaine De L’Harmas Chateauneuf Du Pape.


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(Joon) #4

Man those pics look good Eli. I would trade my balls for that tartare, looks amazing. I’ve also never seen anyone put char like that on kimchi before, good stuff!


(Eli Paryzer) #5

Thanks @joonjoon! Yes, this chef is very talented. We need to have a HOdown here :slightly_smiling_face: