What's for Dinner #47 - the Halfway Through The Year Edition - July 2019

Since I feel like I’m always bringing/shaming folks out of hibernation, I’ll do it here too (funny how we all watch out for each other…I love it).

Paging Dr. @Ttrockwood, paging Dr. @Ttrockwood

Edited to add: @ChristinaM you may have left off the additional “T” in her handle?


Mrs P may like this
It is small, dwarf conifer, I have 3 of them, one died last year. This one was 20 years old when we first got it from Susanna Farms. it is now 3 foot diameter.
This picture was taken during spring when the cones turned purple
It is from Susanna Farms and Nursery in Montgomery County, where I got a lot of my JM and dwarf
She may also like this chocolate cherry allamanda , it is 2 pictures top and bottom. It is not a mandevilla , much more spectacular!



The allamanda is beautiful. I wonder if they sell them in NJ. They would be a good alternative to the mandevilla which takes a while to start growing and needs a lot of hot weather. The small dwarf conifer is also very nice, but I’m not sure if Mrs. P has any more room on the front lawn for any more bushes.
Thank you @ccj!


So funny! I was looking for a recent post from TR last night! Hopefully she’s lying on a gorgeous beach somewhere having the time of her life.


Pork fillet , white wine sauce, potatoes Nicoise, cavolo nero. Strawberries & cream for “afters”.


We loved Bloom so much that we returned a week later with some friends. Below is a link to the details and pictures.

We were gifted the first CCAlamanda. The second one, we bought from a place in Florida. That was a long time ago.

Turmeric has an earthy quality. I buy it when I see it fresh. Definitely need to glove up though. If not I look like a 5 pack a day smoker


Last week was stupid hot (like 105 plus everyday). It zapped all energy and cooking desire. Finally, last night we decided to deal with the sweat and braved the heat to turn on the grill. Did a small tri-tip, zucchini, and baguette doused with evoo and then rubbed with garlic. Some TJ’s mac was also heated up. I’m over summer and ready for fall please. There was some old vine zin to drink.


Somehow that reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer hosts a bunch of smokers in his apartment and his face and ends looking like an old baseball mitt.


“Look away! I’m hideous”.


Last week, the UK recorded its highest ever temperature (38.7). The last couple of days, it’s rained so hard that my garden became a lake. Tonight, it’s back to being just pleasant - so we had dinner on the patio. Tomorrow, the rain’s back.


That’s 101.6 for us yanks. I always end up looking it up, but I know anything much above 37 is a “fever”.


Could you share your method for crustless quiche? Thank you. I’m wondering whether it is more similar to a frittata or a savory clafouti, or none of the above!

So far so good - I’m sticking with my weekly meal planning. Of course it’s only Monday! We are doing grilled coho salmon ssam liberally dabbed with kochujang and spicy pickled cucumbers. Brown rice and farro. I did a test run just now and it’s pretty good. Here’s a weird helicopter shot.


dinner was a slice of left over tomato pie using puff pastry shell when new neighbor came to visit. Not knowing them, they refused wine as well as dessert. So, I had these 3 ripe yellow plantan that I planned to use. Cooked it tonight with EVOO, then when browned, added 2 tablespoon each of demerera sugar, butter and a splash of desanorro liquor. In the olden days, husband would flame it with cognac but I do not light match. Neither do Idrive lawn mower. Plantan taste good. Not too sweet as my diet dictate so.


@digga @ChristinaM

Whoahza!!! :two_hearts::raised_hands: those are crazy impressive! You totally win Best Mom Ever award for those, i bet your daughter was beside herself…

(Hmmmn… you know my mom actually is clever with bread making…and I’ll be there in a few weeks where it’s cool enough to use the oven…)


I’m here…somewhere… thanks for elbowing me into piping up. My meals are just such boring sameness of what I usually make- i think all of my creative and life energy is devoted to the ongoing epic nightmare of finding a new job and working on various projects for my portfolio so the sameness is vaguely comforting.

There was an interesting random combo i made the other night with some crunchy but not sweet watermelon, edamame, cilantro, scallions and chopped kimchi. Slightly bizarre but also hit the spot on a hot night. I’ll be in CA the last week of august, dad is promising the tomato plants will be ready for me :)) and of course I’ll pilfer their farmers market!


We had our first real harvest of tomatoes today after a long weekend away in Martha’s Vineyard. The cherry tomatoes were sauteed with garlic until they burst, and then some baby “super greens”, toasted slivered almonds and a splash of balsamic were added. Some pasta water, parm and a bit of the over-abundant garden basil finished the dish off. A side of pounded chicken breast coated in panko and parm and quickly browned added a little protein. Simple and tasty.


Cobb salad. A couple subs, for which I will take credit. Snap peas from my garden instead of avocado. And smoked salmon (from our smoker attachment) instead of chicken. This was devoured within 10 minutes of putting it down by our family of 4.