What's for Dinner #53 - the Start of the New Decade Edition - January 2020

Thank you @Barca and @Scubadoo97! It was delicious.
Those different feta cheeses sound amazing. I had a French feta at a restaurant that was very good. It was very creamy and not as salty as the Greek feta.

Enjoy your weekend!


Same to you …

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I have been lurking on the WFD threads for quite some time. I have found them inspirational and have gotten many ideas on what to make for dinner. My New Year’s resolution was to cook more and occasionally post here. Of course the year is more than a week old and I have yet to post (or really cook for that matter). Hopefully this will be the start of regular, if not frequent, cooking and posting.

Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi are 2 of my favorite authors. As I wanted to incorporate more meatless meals into our rotation I decided to make the Mushroom Ragout with Poached Duck Eggs from the book Plenty (pg 50). Delicious. I did make two minor changes: 1) I used regular chicken eggs, and 2) I kept the vegetables used to make the mushroom broth. This would make a lovely sauce for pasta.


Tonight was a twice baked potato with a spicy egg wrap. Nothing fancy, to tired.


Relatively quiet day with errands, but finding nothing at Kohls or Macy’s in a winter coat (on a day where it reached 68°!).

I’m definitely getting shopping-cranky in my old age. I do NOT want a puffy coat. I do NOT want “fur” around the hood. Guess what both stores had lots of?

Wegmans put me in a better space. Dinner was shrimp with a quick lemon-shallot-wine sauce, basmati rice and broccoli. Wine alongside.


We had another fabulous dinner at Bloom in Verona, NJ. Details and pictures are in the link below for those that might be interested.


Welcome! Looking forward to your contributions. That sure looks good!

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Looks so good!

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Snapper fishcake, bok choy


I kill for Israeli couscous. And the rest of the plate is pretty seductive…

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Very easy meal today. Chicken rolled with Swiss cheese, then coated in breadcrumbs before topping with sliced onion and baking. Side of kale and potatoes done in the air fryer.


Thank you. I look forward to participating. Everyone has such great food I hope I can keep up!


@MsBean , you can more than keep up with everyone! You are a very talented cook. I look forward to seeing some more of your mouth watering dishes.

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I made pizzas again! Used the oyster mushrooms from a mushroom growing kit I got for Christmas from my secret santa! Mine was an onion/shallot/garlic saute topped with a copious amount of oyster and regular button mushrooms. My husband’s was pepper, onion, spicy sausage and very light cheese.


Beautiful mushrooms that you put to superb use. Impressive!


Thank you Eli! I am no where close to Mrs P’s talents but I do look forward to cooking more as well as posting.


LOL! I have plenty of coats, but I only use the puffy one with fur around the hood the most, it keeps me really warm compared to the others.


I had exactly the same oyster mushroom kit. Tried to have a third harvest, not much growth. Was fun though.


Prawn rice vermicelle noodles with a frozen shrimp broth made a while ago with shrimps shells and heads.

Smoked wild salmon and truite roe salad

Brittany oysters gifted by neighbours for taking care of their cat during their vacation.

White pork sausage with butter cooked apple (see more here)

Puffy pastry pizza with cream cheese, tomatoes, anchovies, black olive pesto and arugula

Northern French Carbonade Flamande beef stew cooked with Belgium beer. (more here)

Stuffed squid with wine cooked rice, tarragon, shallot etc with a tomato sauce. Fennel fritters with cream cheese and aneth. (fennel fritters recipe from Nelly Kerrison here)


Incredible. Nice meal plan.