The Farmer’s Daughter - Newton, NJ

We enjoyed a sensational dinner at the Farmer’s Daughter. It was our first and certainly not last dinner here. It was well worth the two hour round trip. We enjoyed steak tartare with smoked blue cheese, a quail egg, a mushroom salad; fried octopus with romesco sauce; seared ahi tuna with cucumber wasabi aioli, fresh ginger, and soy pearls; rack of lamb with au gratin potatoes and minted peas; and sea bass with mango salsa. They started you off with some amazing fresh herb biscuits and butter. It all went great with an excellent cabernet and Malbec.


Incredible looking meal, if it tasted half as good as it looked you guys had a great night for sure!

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Thanks! Yes, it was outstanding. I think we found another new restaurant to add to our monthly rotation. It was well worth the one hour trip.

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