What's For Dinner #82 - June 2022 - the Scary Campfire Stories and Sticky S'Mores Month

Dinner was planned last night:

Turkey tenderloin roasted with olive oil, s/p, and a glaze of apricot jam, Dijon mustard, white wine, minced fresh thyme and rosemary, and some horseradish for a bit of bite to counteract the sweetness.

Sides were German Bechtle mini-lasagna noodles (a World Market purchase), and sauteed sugar snap peas, red bell pepper and onions with Penzeys Tuscan Sunset seasoning with added s/p.

Wine. A neighbor at the end of my row in my complex is having a party with friends on their deck. We’re usually so quiet, so it’s kind of nice to hear the chatter outside on a beautiful evening.


Great wine with take-out Chinese food!

With the Toronto Blue Jays involving in a rare blow-out game. Too busy, preoccupied and lazy to cook a complete dinner. Decided to opt for partial take-out augmented by some home cooked dish instead.
Ended up with the following Chinese dishes:

  • Slow cooked pork spare ribs in aged Chinese Chinkiang Black Vinegar ( Chinese version Balsamic )
  • Chiu-Chow style duck and tofu marinated in aged herb-ed soy ‘mother’ sauce.
  • Chiu-Chow style fried oyster omelette with fish sauce dip
  • Singapore style fried rice vermicelli.
  • Oven roasted vegetables with minced garlic and EVOO ( forgot to take photo )
    Paired with an absolutely gorgeous Alsace Grand-Cru Riesling - 1998 Weinbach Riesling Schlossberg Cuvee Sainte-Catherine L’Inedit!


I poached some shrimp for cocktail, meaning to make an appetizer of it, but there were more in the bag than I thought and they were so delicious I ended up gorging on them for dinner. Mayo-based sauce with lemon juice and horseradish dijon.


Steak night! Filet of Wagyu beef on the grill. End-of-season garden asparagus. A few leftover schmaltzy, scallion-coated potato wedges from last night, which I crisped up briefly on a cast-iron skillet while the beef rested.


Clockwise from top left cold marinated cucumbers, Chinese broccoli (or gai lan), scrambled eggs with celery, and stir fried cabbage.


We enjoyed another excellent dinner at The Farmer’s Daughter in Newton, NJ including soft shell crab with an excellent Mexican street corn side dish; pork chop with gratin
potatoes and local maple syrup glaze; seared scallops and truffled potatoes; fried calamari salad; and cheese and meat charcuterie board. It all went great with a couple of excellent reds.


Bucatini all’Amatriciana


Nice meal Linda. Great pictures.


Thanks! I am remembering now that I did make crab risotto quite awhile back and it was good but I needed to add some crab to the top shortly before serving because I enjoy the two different tastes. I get a bit of palate fatigue sometimes as does cdc (constant dining companion} and I have little tricks that I was doing that I barely noticed. For example with a full thanksgiving dinner I eat three or four bites of buttered rich mashed potatoes, then eat a coupla forkfuls of potatoes and frenched green beans combined. Next a bite of moist turkey meat, well you get the idea. This is random but I love that dressing or filling for turkey has a more pronounced flavor right out of fridge and cold.

Dinner was made today in large parts by our daughter - ricotta-herb gnocchi with green beans, lemon zest and parmesan


Dinner at Cafe LA Haye!


The scallops and charcuterie look amazing!


Yum! Lots of fresh veg.

Ribfest is on this weekend! I live in an apartment with no access to a bbq so I live for this weekend. Last night I headed up for some takeout so I got a combination plate (ribs and sausage) with coleslaw and cornbread on the side. I had the ribs and sides last night and the sausage went in the freezer for a future dinner.


Thank you. They were outstanding.

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I made crispy gnocchi primavera using last night’s leftover broccoli, zucchini, and tomatoes, loosely based on this recipe..

For a 10-minute meal it was pretty tasty. Oreo thins will be for dessert.


A mid-afternoon Scooby Snack of manchego cheese with quince paste, cashews standing in for Marcona almonds, and some proscuitto.

The early dinner was another one planned on Friday evening. Probably not the best thing for a beautiful spring evening, but when the taste buds demand, you must answer the command.

Mom’s Lemon Pot Roast, and boiled and buttered potatoes and carrots.

There was wine.


Tonight’s dinner was a rice noodle salad with asparagus, shrimp, radish, and cucumber. The dressing includes EVOO, lime juice, garlic and ginger. The Thai chili I added to the dressing did a great job of cleaning out my sinuses :wink:


Dinner tonight was two from Maunika Gowardhan’s new book, Thali. Hot and sour fish curry (Goan Fish Ambotik) and vegetable fried rice with ginger and turmeric (a sort of stir-fried vegetable pulao). Fantastic!