What's For Dinner #83 - the I Scream, You Scream Edition - July 2022

Tell some more please!

I am an opera singer - a profession uniquely vulnerable to COVID (we basically spit on each other in an enclosed space for 3 hours in front of a 90% geriatric audience - the CDC’s worst nightmare). Live performances started coming back last year, but all of my canceled gigs from 2020 were slow to reschedule and new work has been scarce (I have a day job to make ends meet), so it has been a hot second. This was a last minute jump-in so conditions were far from ideal, but it was still nice to get out there again!




Ina Garten’s Crispy Chicken Breast With Lemony Orzo.

I added baby garden peas to the orzo.


Well, that’s pretty!


We enjoyed another sensational dinner at The Farmer’s Daughter in Newton, NJ, including soft shell crab and lobster, hanger steak, asparagus salad with prosciutto and a fried egg on top, meatballs with chimichurri sauce, and an excellent charcuterie board, as well as homemade biscuits. It all went great with an excellent Zinfandel and red blend.


What a day! It started in the City and ended at The Black Swan. For drinks, I had a Vesper with local Asbury Distilling vodka/gin and Lillet Blanc, BF had a strawberry mint gin and tonic with Elderflower Fever Tree, and mom had a Manhattan. Appetizers were the hummus platter and curry fries. For entrees, I had Chicken Tikka Masala, BF had a burger, and mom had mushroom Bolognese (she’s not vegan but it was a vegan option and I tried it and it was awesome).

Earlier in the day: BF asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday. I said to eat dumplings in Chinatown. So here we are. There’s also scallion pancakes, bamboo shoots in brown sauce (the surprising highlight), and Tsingtao.

And then a stop at the legendary Ferrara. Haven’t been here since I was a kid. We shared a slice of chocolate truffle cake. Cocktails? Why, of course. An excellent Negroni for me and a Tiramisu Martini for the BF.

Tomorrow morning might not be fun but today was amazing.


Happy birthday!


I feel like Homer Simpson drooling at those ribs! Amazing!


So glad you’re able to get back on stage…I hope it was a good night for all, performers and audience!

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Looks like an amazing food-centric day, with a 100% enjoyment rate! That should make anyone happy! Hopefully you’re feeling ok this morning/afternoon.


Happy birthday weekend, @gcaggiano!

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Another dinner, another restaurant meal >ducks<

I swearrrrrz I cook 4-5 nights outta the week when I’m back home, but we haven’t been in Berlin since July 2019. And it’s hard to be frugal and not go out when yer surrounded by so. many. great. foods that we simply don’t have access to in bum-F-nowhere.

So… Turkish it was. The temps were in the mid 80s well into the evening, and that turns my mind and appetite to Mediterranean/Middle Eastern/Levante food. Or grilled meats n mezedes :slight_smile:

We split the eggplant & yogurt appetizer, and the lamb platter. Everything was great, the lamb ribs in particular. You don’t get to smell that luscious, crispy lamb fat a lot.


Had the remaining macaroni and cheese doctored up along with a cherry tomato salad, which was yummy, with a battered fish fillet, leftover Instant Pot green beans.


Tonight I made linguini with pesto alla Trapanese, as shared by @MunchkinRedux. Topped with sauteed foraged chicken of the wood mushroom that was shared today by a fellow forager out in the field. Pretty darn generous!

The pesto was good - I would add a few sun-dried tomatoes next time for more intense tomato flavor and umami. Willamette Valley Pinot Gris to go with.


Pimiento cheese dip and crackers! Hazy Little Thing IPA for him and Kim Crawford Sav Blanc for me :grin:


Broiled porgy with sage, fava and snap pea salad with ranch dressing (again! the half cup I made is at least a couple more salads). And a celery tonic, for health.


I don’t think it was me who shared that particular recipe, but it looks great!

Whoops! A quick search turned up @honkman as the likely source for the idea, if not the direct recipe link. My bad!