What's For Dinner #96 - the Which Marketing Commercial Month Is It? Edition - August 2023

I had tofu scrambled with smoked paprika and a slice of marble rye toast, plus a decaf coffee. Random but I am trying to trim calories.


Ugh. Had a perfectly good dinner all set to go, and sort of wrecked it by zoning out on the oven timer (I honestly don’t remember hearing it go off!), so it was in the 375° oven WAY longer than it should have been.

Pre-roasted chopped asparagus and red bell peppers, caramelized onion, chopped sauteed applewood-smoked bacon, shredded gruyere cheese, and dried thyme mixed with whupped eggs and heavy cream.

Blind-baked the Pillsbury crust, poured the egg mixture in, and it was supposed to bake at 375° for 45 minutes. I think it was 55 minutes or a bit more. Let it rest for 15 minutes.

Slightly dry on the edges, and too “settled” for my taste, but will work for work lunches, now that we have a semblance of a kitchen with both toaster and microwave ovens.

There was wine.


DH enjoying the new gas grill tonight: Smash Burgers v. 2.0 with caramelized sweet Spanish onions. We both like these better than the Oklahoma Burgers he smashed up last time.

I made a traditional slaw.

Onions, pickles, cabbage, carrots and scallion from the garden.


Evil Bitoves, man.

Take-out Sushi from Oroshi Fish Co. in Toronto. This is the $35 Cdn Premium set. Finally, premium take-out sushi within a 20 minute walk for me!! I also bought some Kewpie mayo with my order, they have an online store.


We enjoyed another sensational dinner at The Farmer’s Daughter in Newton, NJ, including excellent lobster ravioli; rack of lamb with cauliflower puree and stone fruit; heirloom tomato salad with corn, goat cheese, and sherry vinaigrette; lobster fritters with honey pepper aioli; beef tartare and marrow with homemade chips; pommes frites with fresh herbs and parmesan truffle cream. It all went great with an excellent cabernet and Shiraz.


We packed up about 387 boxes of yarn and other craft supplies for mom‘s move to the DC area, then enjoyed leftover ramen slaw salad (apparently I never tire of it) and eggplant salad plus za’atar bread from a Syrian lady at the Playa Vista farmers market.


Tonight’s dinner was some spring rolls, chicken cacciatore and a Napoleon for dessert.


That lobster dish has me considering a road trip! Was it as good as it looked?

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maybe, pretty tasty bird tho.

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I guess I’ll never know,unless someone else is treating, or they’re giving it away for free :joy:

No frills photo from last night. I have come to really enjoy our regular takeout spot’s Szechuan sauce, even though it is not that spicy. This picture does not do justice to how flavorful this Szechuan beef was. I asked them to really crank up the heat. The receipt said it was three times extra spicy. Except for a slight runny nose, it still was not hot enough.

I’ve never found a Chinese takeout spot (except maybe one, Sichuan Cottage in Manalapan, NJ) that could kill me with spice, unlike Thai and Indian places which are lethal on a regular basis.

Martini to drink.


The lobster ravioli was spectacular, and this restaurant is well worth the road trip. We travel about an hour each way, every month, to get to this excellent restaurant. The chef is very talented (and she was working with two broken fingers last night)! She must have used a whole lobster in that lobster ravioli. This dish happened to be a special last night, so I would call in advance if you are thinking of going for this particular dish.


I guess it really depends on the Sichuan place you go to. Our favorite back home makes a killer cumin beef and chongqing chicken that will make your eyebrows sweat. But I agree, no Sichuan food has ever brutalized my tastebuds & insides as much as Thai or Indian (or even Mexican) hot dishes.

I baked a couple of tarts for dinner — well, a tart and a galette, because I have one tart pan at hand.

One tomato and cheese (robiola, taleggio, parmesan, cheddar) tart, one mixed (leftover) vegetable galette with a bit of bechamel, cheddar, and parmesan.

Nice change, and mom especially enjoyed the tomato tart which is good because I’ve been wanting to make it for her for ages, but tomatoes were insanely expensive until last week!


Lemme know how that works out for ya :slight_smile:

I’m not familiar with this salad, but I’d love to try it. I looked it up and there are an overwhelming number of variations. What do you put in yours? Apologies if you posted the recipe before, and I missed it. Thanks!


Pork Chops were on sale (digital coupon) this week for 67 cents/pound. I picked up 12 beautiful thick pork chops (limit) for just over $7.00. I told Sunshine we’ll be having pork chops a couple of times this week.
That being said… Last night’s dinner was baked pork chops with barbecue sauce. I had saved the juice from a can of pickled beets earlier in the week and added that and a cup of water to some Knorr Rice sides. In addition to making it reddish in color, it tasted GREAT!! Corn rounded out our meal.


Piri piri pork tenderloin with sauteed greens, tomatoes, garlic(roasted and fresh) hot pepperoncini and feta. Beauty day for a bbq, coolish temps and lots of sun, but the wasps put the kibosh on those plans :confused:


Old skool lentil tacos and creamy chipotle slaw… Hit the spot.