What's For Dinner #80 - the Silly Bunny with Eggs Edition - April 2022

Ding, ding, ding!!! I have other pictures of outhouses…two pics from an antique show in Maine years ago, and pics cut from a mini calendar on outhouses my sister gave me for Christmas many years ago. Appropriate for a bathroom, no? :wink:


I was craving Mac & Cheese tonight. Looks good!

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Tonight’s dinner was a bagel, ricotta, lox and capers for garnish. Salad on the side.


Chicken thigh stir fry, carrot, asparagus, onion, garlic with a hoisin, gochujang sauce over noodles. Salad of red cabbage, snap peas, pickled daikon, creamy citrus, ginger, sesame dressing.


An easy one-pan recipe from Cook’s Illustrated: pasta with Italian sausage, greens and sundried tomato. Recipe calls for penne, but I’ll also use cavatappi.

I like to double down on the spinach and disagree with adding the tomatoes together with the pasta. I find them washed out and disagreeable after a long simmer, whereas they stay bright and firm if added at the end.

Spinach and basil from the garden.


We enjoyed another sensational dinner at The Farmer’s Daughter in Newton, NJ including melt in your mouth filet mignon over a crispy potato pancake; steak tartare; grilled red snapper; excellent charcuterie board; awesome watercress salad with goat cheese and fried zucchini blossoms, and great fresh biscuits. It all went great with an excellent 2014 Syrah and. Shiraz.



I almost poured one, believe me!

Peppercorn crusted filet cooked to medium rare, broccolini, baked potato. This made up for last night’s blah meal and sentiment.

To drink were several of these. It was a long day and potentially another one tomorrow. Bottom’s up!

Happy Saturday.


That photograph is not far from the truth in terms of housing prices. But it reminds me of my Grandfther’s place in the late 50s. He and my grandmother were only out of the 1930’s of the Great Depression - this was my mother’s family in rural Indiana. It was always an adventure when I was a kid to stay there - no indoor plumbing. There was a galvanized water bucket with a ladle in the kitchen that we could quench our thirst from, and we had to go to an outhouse to do our “business”, but in the winter we had chamberpots in our bedrooms to serve our needs. …


Linda, lovely weeping cherry tree


I’ve started the May thread here:


Too funny!

Beautiful colors! So vibrant.

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I don’t want to stray too far off topic, but check out this setup in Portland for unhoused folk. My DH snapped a photo from his hotel:


People here talk about all manner of things that are important in their lives peripheral to food, which is partly why this thread is so enjoyable for me. Seeing this solution in Portland gives me hope - we need it desperately here in Boston.


I had a hankering for a good ole steak like you would get in the 70’s at any diner in NJ. Ok so the quality of the steak is probably slightly better and the sautéed spinach and truffle parmigiana roasted potatoes are probably a stretch for a diner of that era)

Anywho, the fried peppers and onions with good ole’ A1 brings me straight back to 1979. Some Hawaiian Turkey kabob for the Mrs and a loaf of store brought lard bread to sop up the juices…

After dinner had to baby-sit the new grand-pup Rooney the Rambunctious (@paryzer I will insist he attends finishing school prior to any play dates!)


Nice intro Linda. Was looking forward to it. You used to do a great job on chowhound. Thank you


Gorgeous steak. Medium rare? So many Jersey diners so many memories. My SO and I usually got a late night full breakfast. Incredible, and plenty of other patrons too.

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