September–December 2022 Baking Cookbook of the Month: SNACKABLE BAKES

Welcome to the reporting thread for September–November 2022 BCOTM, SNACKABLE BAKES, by Jessie Sheehan. Please use this thread to discuss strong textthis book and tell us about your experiences baking from it.strong text

To report on a recipe, put the name of the recipe in ALL CAPS and include the page number, if it’s available to you. If you are the first to post about a recipe, please reply to this post. If someone has already posted about the recipe, reply to their post so all the posts about each recipe are linked for easy reference.

To respect the author’s copyright, please don’t post photos or verbatim copies of recipes. Links to recipes online are welcome, and you may post ingredients and summarize instructions in your own words.

Happy baking!

@sallyt I know you’ve already made a bunch from this book, so I hope you’ll give us a little rundown and tell us what you thought about those recipes.


No Sally, but i have baked from this book
Pecan Coffeecake Muffins page 120
This muffin consists of muffin,filling and topping. Topping is made with flour,brown sugar,melted butter and pecans. Filling is brown sugar and cinnamon. Muffin veg. Oil,sugar,vanilla, eggs,sour cream, baking powder, soda, salt and all purpose flour.
I got 12 muffins but found could have used more topping. Had to pick some of a few muffins. This was a muffin that really tasted like a coffee cake. Loved the topping on the



The ‘better than apple pie bars’. Easy to assemble but I mixed in the food processor - next time will mix by hand. Felt like I over processed a bit / or my eggs were oversized as it seemed a bit gummy. Worked out fine and the bars are delicious.


I’ve made so many things! I love this book.

This morning I made the Vanilla cream scones - baked for 25. They were delicious - a little basic but as she says in the recipe, excellent with salted butter and jam.


Favorites are the thicc vanilla cookies - I make with sprinkles - SO GOOD, strawberry basil bars, strawberry sheet cake, and tahini milk chocolate bars. I’ve been very impressed at the hit ratio of this book -


So do you make everytime in the time span she indicates. I follow her on IG and she always makes me smile the way she talks so fast. I guess shes just as fast in her prep. Dont get me wrong i think shes a lovely down to earth person. It takes me so much longer to make everything.

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Ha! It’s totally her persona - I’ve met her IRL at her book signing for Vintage Bakes and she’s not that speedy. I am a pretty quick prepper - the scones took less time to assemble than the oven did to heat up - but not as fast as she preps!


I’ve made the Easy chocolate Marshmallow Mousse a few times. It’s delicious and has a lovely texture, but you have to use a pretty dark chocolate for it, or it gets too sweet. The best version I made was with Trader Joe’s 75 % dark chocolate.


Lusicous Lemon Possets page59

Now this is a quick dessert. Heavy cream,sugar, zest and salt are boiled for 5 minutes without stiring. Of heat add lemon juice and let sit 15/20 minutes. Thru a fine sieve pour in ramekins and refrigerate no less than 3 hours. I had mine in fridge for 4 hrs,looked set but liquidy at the bottom when we had them. There was one left and this morning when i shook the ramekin it looks well set.
Topped them off with pistachio cream and roasted chopped pistachios. It a nice light dessert.


The black bottom cupcakes with cream cheese filling. Very quick to put together.


These were one of the first things I learned to make as a child, love them.

They look amazing. How were they?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anybody has a list of the chocolate dessert titles? I’m thinking about buying this book but my fiance only likes chocolate desserts and the sample I downloaded only had the fruit ones.

Very good tho maybe more of an afternoon snack rather than a dessert. If that makes sense…

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Here you go Cristina.


@Cristina you can see all the recipe titles and main ingredients here via Eat Your Books.

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I had to return this cookbook to the library, so I am very glad so many of the recipes are available on line. I have made the strawberries and cream bars twice (within a month) because they are so good! I browned the butter which I do not regret…


Just got the ebook from the library after I apparently timed out on my hold last week.

Lots of tempting things! I’m looking at the mug cake and the snickerdoodles for starters.

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Thank you so much! And thank you @CaitlinM for the link. I appreciate it, now just need to show the fiance and see what he thinks :smile:

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