May–August 2022 Baking Book: BAKING WITH DORIE

Here is another take on the Everything Cake - this one with peaches and blueberries. I added two tablespoons of peach brandy to the batter.

Love this recipe - so versatile.


I have to try it!

It’s super easy - no mixer required.

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Could you taste the peach brandy? It looks fantastic.

I did not taste the brandy, and I was looking for it.

When I made this cake with apples and added calvados, I could distinctly taste it, but not here for some reason. I’ll still include it going forward, however, as I’m sure the notes are in there somewhere.

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September–December reporting thread:


Myson had a milestone birthday and asked for a chocolate cake. I remember LulusMom1 raving about it. So i baked it. Friday i baked the cake and my layers were only 1" high. I thought i did something wrong. So saturday with everything mise en place i baked again following instruction to a T. Again cake was only 1"high. This cake is the result of three layers(1 frozen). When it came to frosting dories recipe calls for 254grms of butter which i just couldnt make myself do so i chose an frosting from Midwest Made called Silky Creamy Chocolate Frosting which has chocolate, corn syrup, vanilla, sour cream and whip cream was great to work with and is divine. The final result was a very moist,dense,chocolate intense cake and was a hit.


Absolutely gorgeous!!

Lulu’s version did have a density to it, which may be why her friend only ate the icing.

Java Mini Mads page 200
These are lovely little gems with a hint of espresso. So good with coffee. Easy to make but you have to plan ahead. At least 5 hr refrigeration. I refrigerated mine overnight and put my muffin tin in the freezer for 20 minutes. I thought they were a failure but looking at the picture in the book they do have a round top. They can also be baked in a madeline pan i think they would be great to bring to a gathering with not much work involved.



I omitted the ginger – mine was very old and I wasn’t pleased with the texture, even after soaking as Dorie recommends. Instead, I roughly doubled the total amount of dried fruit called for and used a mix of both golden raisins and sweetened cranberries.

These are sticky, chewy, toothsome, sweet (but not too sweet) with tart fruit – we like them and I’ll make them again. The only improvement I can think of is to add a pinch of salt to the butter mixture.


Ok. I found one more (optional) improvement: a small spoonful of peanut butter on top after baking (PB2 in my case). If, like me, you’re a fan of peanut butter and granola, this hits the mark as a portable version.

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Oh thats a good idea. Ive made those and my dh loved them. Have made them several times.

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Blue Cheese Bites page 302
Add dry ingredients to eggs,honey and sugar mix drizzle in olive oil and then add the blue cheese and figs. In my case i chopped 4 prunes. Dough has to rest for at least 2 hrs. Dorie says could use goat cheese or camambert. I used a teaspoon scoop and got 23. Bake for 12 minutes in mini muffin tin. They were salty for me. We had them with red wine but i thought

white would be good too. Today i reheated them in smart oven at 400 for 4 minutes. Still good but not as good as yesterday. They lost their crunch.


Parisian Custard Tart page 292. For Can. Thanksgiving.
The custard

recipe is written so well. Folowing step by step made it easy. I made ruff pastry from Baking for the Holidays by Sara Kieffer and that was easy too. The tart baked for 60 minutes and only developed the burnt look in the last 15 minutes(its suppose to look like that).
The custart is light and creamy but still held its shape when cut. My son said it tasted like Portuguese tartlet. :ukraine: :ukraine: :ukraine:


That looks amazing!


Thanks. Tastes amazing.


Caramel Apple Crisp page 250
This recipe brings apple crisp to another level. It has 3 components. Topping, caramel sauce and apples. Very clear instructions for the caramel sauce. Apples are mixed with the sauce, topping sprinkled on top and then its baked. I used very fresh gala apples. Its like eating caramel apples with a crunchy top.:ukraine::ukraine::ukraine:



Dorie Greenspan has published a corrected version of the pumpkin pie recipe (she says the one that made it into the book in error is an earlier iteration with cracking issues).


Thanks for posting this.