January–April 2024 Baking Cookbook of the Months :SNACKING BAKES by Yossy Arefi

Welcome to the reporting thread for our January–April 2024 BCOTM, Snacking Bakes (that’s a link to the EYB recipe index). Please use this thread to discuss this book and tell us about your experiences baking from it.

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Thank you @CaitlinM

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I’m not going to buy this book but I’m going to post here links to the recipes from it that I find republished (with permission) online.

Pumpkin choc chip bars

Malted chocolate cookies

Banana nut blondies

I also just joined Eat Your Books with a free account (five cookbooks) so I suppose I could make this one of them.


I baked the malted chocolate cookie before Christmas and its such a good cookie. Soft centre with crispy edges. It only made 20 cookies and they disappeared. Next time I will double the recipe. I have baked several more items and will report when i have time.


Very excited about this: I got it for Christmas, and have been trying to decide what to make first…


When my grandson was here, we made Mazurk?(my book is downstairs). I didn’t get to taste it because i gave them the whole square, sbut they raved about it. We used apricot jam.


There is SO much I want to make!


Oops, before Caitlin gets after me it on page 59

Another recipe i made and i think they were probably the best brownies i made Chewy Cocoa Brownies. They were chewy, intense chocolate flavour and look at that sheen.


I almost made this but then copped out bec of the method. Still want to try, though. Looks fab – how do they compare to your favorite brownie recipe?

I would never! But thanks for adding the page, anyway.


:slightly_smiling_face: i know

I dont really bake brownies very often. The last ones i bake were from Midwest Made and they were nice but lacked that shine i got with these. What was it about the method that made you hesitant to try this recipe.

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(Not sure what page; baked from online recipe)

When I first read this recipe, I thought it called for a third of a can of canned pumpkin, but I eventually realized it called for a third of a cup. Oy! Now I have the rest of the can in the freezer, but kind of annoyed that this recipe calls for such a small amount.

Anyway, these are nothing special. Very sweet, dense bar. A bit more fragile than I would’ve liked. Prob won’t make again… unless I want to use up my leftover pumpkin :wink:


Toss the leftover pumpkin into a stew or something.


We drive ourselves crazy trying to use up odd amounts. Do you have a dog? Neighbors have one? I think they eat pumpkin.

I made the same malted chocolate cookies as @Stef_bakes - we loved these - but they spread WAY more than in the pic in the book. I experimented and baked half of them the next day (chilled dough in fridge) - same result.


I LOVED LOVED LOVED the walnut streusel cc coffee cake - I measured batter/streusel by weight to make sure that it was all split evenly and it was amazing.


BROWN BUTTER CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE BARK - so easy and incredible. I loved this. Not much to look at it but so tasty.


WIsh I didn’t hate nuts… this recipe looks great