Red pepper paste

Heres a thread about red bell pepper sauce

Does anyone have any experience making or using one? Turkish, Portuguese, Italian?

I have a lot of peppers. Red and yellow Italian frying, Fresno, Serrano, Hot Portugal.

My DIL brought me a Turkish variety that I liked very much. She couldn’t tell me much about it. It was dark and very salty, and it kept a long time.

@Presunto mentions it here.

I dont seem to have a picture, but it looked like the one in this recipe.

I am growing Hot Portugal Peppers and love the idea or Piri Piri sauce. What ive found online suggest a mix of hot and sweet peppers, not cooked or peeled before being put through a meat grinder.

I usually make roasted stove top then peeled and coated with olive oil,

but think a paste would come in handy, and some recipes suggest it might last longer or can be frozen in ice cube trays.

This one includes instructions for canning, and says " if using a meat grinder/ mill, it will automatically filter out the skins". Putting it through a meat grinder doesn’t seem like it would remove skins.

Sort of related




I don’t mean to lack originality, but I do use a classical romesco pepper sauce with fish.

I think one key element of the pepper sauce was burning the pepper over fire (could be a stove burner). It gives it an interesting flavor from the fire.

I’m guessing it could be smooth of the sauce is run through a strainer.

Um…I think maybe Mexican recipes might have more deeper techniques - owing to Mexican dried chilis in recipes

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Thank you!
I do use dried peppers, but right now I have so many fresh ones.

I like this recipe for the Turkish type. Another one uses dried gujillos, which I think of as Mexican.

I did dry some of the Hot Portugal Peppers, which are sometimes used in Piri Piri sauce.

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I make that at home. Use red bell peppers and a can of tomato paste with a dash of sugar

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I make a paste like harissa from dried anchos, cascavels, and arbols with olive oil, salt, vinegar, cumin, and coriander. There is no magic in the peppers used. I have added fresh pequin/chiltepin, jalapeño, and ghost. I just remove the stems and seeds of the dried ones and roast the fresh ones and toss them all in the FP. I roast skin side up under the broiler on a jelly roll pan to blacken and put a matching jelly roll pan on top to steam before peeling. Roasted peppers also make fun and offbeat additions to things like chimichurri or pesto.

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Thank you!. How long will yours keep in the refrigerator?

If you’re concerned about longevity, I’d recommend freezing it in an ice cube tray – works wonderfully for tomato paste, can’t see why it’d do any worse with peppers.

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I do all kinds of things with peppers. I often char them in a sheet pan under the broiler, and pop them in a ziploc bag to steam (which makes peeling easy).

Then they go into the blender with water/broth/tomatoes/tomatillos, garlic, sometimes onion, cumin, oregano. Then pour the blend into a little puddle of hot EVOO and cook it for a couple/three minutes (or longer if you want more of a reduction).

Sometimes like it smooth, other times a little chunky. I’ll also add some fresh herbs (cilantro, parsley, etc.) and citrus, and then season to taste - but usually only a few minutes before serving.

You’re lucky to have all of those pepps, and agree that freezing would be a good way to go. And I am kinda thinking maybe do the EVOO cook, fresh herbs, citrus, and final seasoning from frozen. The hot oil might be a very tasty/effective way to thaw it (but never tried it).


A month? I use those bags of Fiesta brand dried peppers, and they are usually a little over an ounce. So 3-3.5 ounces of peppers, 1/4 cup of olive oil, and a little vinegar. I spread two small pieces of avocado toast with it about 20-25 times a month.

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Curious, you make no mention of you rehydrating the dried peppers… should we just assume you do, or do you actually use them dry?

No, I rehydrate in boiling water. It might be interesting to try them dry, sort of like a curry paste. It would probably need more oil.

Thanks all! Ive been roasting with garlic, then peeing and covering with oil. I’ll puree what I have so far, maybe some with the also “extra” roasted tomatoes, and freeze in ice cube trays.

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: Typo.

Today I am making a puree from roasted and peeled sweet red and hot Portugal, cooked to a paste, then frozen in ice cube trays.

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You have a lot of great options but if you are craving pasta you can do a red pesto with a few of the Fresno. Lots of recipes on the internet but I like the pesto that includes anchovy and walnuts. I like to roast the peppers for added flavor.

I am sort of low carb, and tend to avoid pasta (unless I’m in Italy or similar), but I don’t see why I can’t use Fresno recipes, and especially with nuts!

I made spiced pecans last night and have about a quarter cup of bits.

Looking that up. And maybe mahummara!

P.S. This pepper paste is soooo good!

It’s a bit spicy from the Hot Portugal’s. I’m trying to concentrate it as much as I can before freezing in ice cube trays.


I just noticed Matbucha is also the name of this store bought item I’ve enjoyed, but it was much smoother, and seemed like an condiment rather than a salad.

Here are the cubes. Mine are more pepper and just a little tomato so I’m calling them “matbucha inspired”.

They didn’t freeze up as firm as I’d like yet ( will they?) , so I’m freezing again before putting in a “zip lock”, vacuum sealed freezer bag.

You used oil right? If so, probably not.

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