October 2023 Cookbook of the Month Nominations

It’s time to nominate titles for our October 2023 Cookbook of the Month. What books inspire you as temperatures cool and the fall harvest kicks in?

You many nominate as many books as you wish. Please nominate with the intention of joining us in cooking from the book and reporting on the dishes you make, should your nominee be selected. In order to nominate, please put the name of the book in ALL CAPS in the comments below. Only titles in all caps will be counted as nominations. (If you’re discussing a book, but not nominating, please use regular capitalization for clarity.)

Nominations will end SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 at 11 PM GMT/7 PM EDT/4 PM PDT, and the books with the most nominations will move on to a vote. The book that receives the most votes will be our October COTM. A reporting thread will be posted on October 1.

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Earlier nomination threads in case anyone wants to jog their memory like I needed to:

  • FIRST GENERATION : Recipes from My Taiwanese-American Home (this Epicurious article and recipe for lions head burgers looked interesting as do many others)
  • ETHIOPIA: Recipes and Traditions from the Horn of Africa / Johanis Gebreyesus – somehow it’s never a good time for this one, though many of us own it… maybe October will be lucky?
  • RUKMINI IYER month – THE ROASTING TIN / DINNER’S IN THE OVEN SERIES (sheet pan cooking – I don’t cook this way but am always intrigued by it, and I like that she provides tables for cooking times and flavor combinations and more)
  • THE WOKS OF LIFE BLOG & BOOK – no duds for me yet, and I’ve learned a lot.
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THE WOKS OF LIFE blog and book

Definitely up for RUKMINI IYER month,

and given the praise here and that it’s a website, WOKS OF LIFE

I can get behind WOKS OF LIFE,
And I’ve always wanted to do ETHIOPIA. A great reason to rejuvenate my teff starter.
I’ll also keep plugging TENDERHEART, by Hetty Lui McKinnon.

In Woks of Life blog I think it’s very interesting to read about their ups and downs growing vegetables, fruit trees, chickens and ducks. Lotta work.

I’ve had good results from their recipes. Right after Italian food, I love Chinese food.

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Resources for folks who don’t have these books:

THE WOKS OF LIFE blog and book. Agree with @Saregama, never had a dud from them.

@Tex — just FYI if you want to nominate any of these books / sites it has to be in all-caps (to separate it from general discussion for the coordinators)

Thank you for the reminder, and sorry for the confusion – I’m not nominating at the moment. I noticed in previous months people mentioning that they didn’t want to buy any cookbooks and their libraries weren’t able to supply them quickly, so I hoped to increase participation by providing links to free online library copies or recipes shared freely on other websites.

@kateq posted a couple nominations on the wrong thread (the September one where we were discussing the future of COTM). I hope she comes here to post the nominations, but meanwhile I will post them with a twist. She nominated Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden, which is a book we did back in the CH days. I’m not super excited about repeating it on its own, but McFadden has a newer book out about grains, and I would be very interested in it. So I’m going to nominate JOSHUA MCFADDEN MONTH, which would include both.

Kate also nominated Hugh Acheson’s Broad Fork, which I would be happy to do on its own. But Acheson also has a number of books, including a sous vide one which I would very much like to cook from. So it’s kind of broad since there are a lot of books (but not any more than Rukmini Iyer), but I’m going to nominate a HUGH ACHESON MONTH. That would include Broad Fork, A New Turn in the South, The Chef and the Slow Cooker, How to Cook, Sous Vide, and Pick a Pickle.

Well done, Mel!!! Sorry for being such a bonehead.

@kateq If you want to carry over your nominations (or join MelMM in her broadened versions), please repeat them in a post here.

For those with library access to Hoopla, it has both the McFadden books.

We can ask the mods to move the post



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I come to browse occassionally, and appreciate the efforts of those who tend the flame. I find the HO site awkward, compared to CH. And like others, I sometimes have difficulty getting newer books from the library. I voted for RecipeTin Eats back in the day, but I am still on the library wait list. Sometimes a recommendation will break down my reluctance to buy more cookbooks (Venice) to good effect. So don’t keep it up just for me, but know that you are making a difference!


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