May 2023 Cookbook of the Month Nominations

SABRINA GHAYOUR MONTH (1 or 2 of her 6 books are usually on Kindle sale, plus there are online recipes, so this would be pretty accessible and broad)

MAANGCHI MONTH (KOREAN): Her blog & two books

CULTURAL REVOLUTION COOKBOOK (CHINESE): I have the first edition of this odd little book and love it. Looks like they came out with a new one, and a kindle version too.

THE MALAYSIAN KITCHEN : 150 Recipes for Simple Home Cooking

GO TO DINNERS (Ina Garten)

VENICE is a complete sentence because it’s a name of a book; i.e, a TITLE. js

I bought VENICE and would love to cook from it. That said, I’ll be gone for 2 weeks of May, and LLD will be gone 10 of the remaining days, so I probably won’t get much cooking done during the coming month.

It looks like I may be able to get get VENICE via interlibrary loan, and it’s fairly affordable, to boot.

While I’m happy to see Venice with some momentum again, I will throw in one last opton. If nothing else it will remind me to nominate it next time.


Because this encompasses two seasons, it might be a good book for late spring/early summer when those up north are still getting what I consider spring produce, but I’m already knee deep in tomatoes and peaches.

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Ha! If Mel is going to throw out nominations wishlist, I will throw out RECIPETIN EATS DINNER: 150 Recipes for Fast, Everyday Meals.

Nagi’s blog saved my sanity while I lived in Kuwait. I couldn’t find brands or ingredients I normally would be able to find in an American supermarket. So, I turned to RecipeTin Eats blog. She lives down under and many of the brands and stuff can be found in Kuwait. Weirdly, Kuwait imports a ton of stuff from Australia, NZ, etc. Her recipes are awesome and easy and flavorful. I’ve made her espresso martini, her Persian feast, and a bunch of individual recipes from her blog and they are almost always delicious and the recipes don’t have a lot of errors. Now, as a caveat, I will say I haven’t cooked from her book. For full disclosure, I will say that I don’t even have it… yet. But I will. And I hope everyone will want to cook from her book and love it as much as I have loved cooking from her blog.

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The book could also be paired with her blog.


EYB reviews from this book have been very positive and appealing. I’d rather wait until I’ll be around, but in general I’m interested. Not a nomination, for now.

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So many tempting recipes on her blog!


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I’ve used her blog on and off, mostly for Asian dishes.

While on blogs, I want to remember to nominate WoksOfLife in a future month, when their book has been out a bit longer. Yet to come across a recipe of theirs that didn’t turn out well.

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Just about 30 hours remaining in which to nominate!

This RecipeTin book is one I would be interested in doing in the winter, but not in the summer. I looked at all the recipes listed on EYB, and it seems about as far from a produce-driven book as one can get. I do like the mix of recipes and nationalities represented, but it just seems that it would be a better fit when I’m shopping from the supermarket.

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I haven’t really perused her book thoroughly- I just peeked inside. But I think if you go to her blog and we do both as a COTM, you will find a LOT of recipes which are produce forward. And she has a whole vegetarian section, which I think could be vegan super easily, and look yummolicious. (The Sesame Crusted Tofu Steaks look right up my alley!) But I get it. If you aren’ t feeling it, you aren’t. And that’s cool.

Nominations are now closed! Please stay tuned for the voting thread, to which I’ll drop a link after I post it.

Please come vote!

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