October 2023 Cookbook of the Month Nominations

@Painperdu it took me a while to get used to (it’s the software the site uses - discourse), but it’s actually a lot more user-friendly and interactive than CH ever was.

For eg, you can trace threads up by replies, the search is actually functional, you can “watch” or follow topics / regions / individual threads / even individual posters, and the notification feature (on the top right where your profile icon is) is great because it shows you any direct messages, replies to your posts, and updates to threads or topics you follow without doing anything more.

There’s a guide posted somewhere from when the CH influx happened - I’ll try and find it.

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I’ll check if my library has it. (As I recall, one of the challenges with Six Seasons was what was actually seasonal during that month.)

My son gave me Dishoom 2 Christmases ago and Im itching for motivation to dive into it, like a COTM.
just throwing it out for future consideration right now seems like there are a number of worthy nominees.

I would like somebody to explain the appeal of Hugh Acheson though; paging through The Broad Fork did not excite me whereas I could definitely see the appeal of say Six Seasons or Gjelina. I will try to cook along with whatever the group decides on this month.

I keep borrowing Dishoom from the library and not cooking from it so I’ll bite:

Gunpowder is another one (also of an eponymous London restaurant) - recipes look great, plus it used to frequently go on Kindle sale, but I don’t see that version available at the moment for some reason.

Not sure how to explain the appeal of Hugh Acheson. To me, his books appeal as much as (actually more than) Gjelina or Six Seasons. Part of that is my experience with the latter two books. I just read through my write-ups of recipes from both books from when they were COTM in the past. I liked the food in Gjelina, but the recipes were not well written. Still, I have repeated some of dishes. Most of the dishes I made from Six Seasons I actually found mediocre, and I have repeated a single one. I haven’t cooked a ton from from Acheson’s books, but the ones I have made have been reliable and flavorful. One thing Acheson has that the other books do not is a lot of pickle recipes. I think there is also a wider variety of vegetables in his book. I’d be curious to know what puts you off about the book.

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Thanks. I downloaded it a while ago and just paged through it without finding anything of interest. If folks pick it I will give it a serious look/try.

WOKS OF LIFE- just want to dive in and will probably get the book, regardless
ACHESON MONTH- I have one of his books and make the muscadine vinegar every year. And I am looking for more stuff to make.
GUNPOWDER- I don’t have Dishoom, but I do own Gunpowder.


Too late to edit my post above, but I meant to say that I have NOT repeated a single recipe from Six Seasons.

WOKS OF LIFE - Blog and Book


Under 24 hours remaining in which to nominate!

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Nominations are now closed. Stay tuned for a voting thread!

Time for a fast voting round!

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