September 2023 Cookbook of the Month Nominations

It’s time to nominate a new book for September, when late-summer produce abounds in much of the northern hemisphere. What’ll it be?

You many nominate as many books as you wish. Please nominate with the intention of joining us in baking from the book and reporting on what you make, should your nominee be selected. To nominate, please put the name of the book in ALL CAPS in the comments below. Only titles in all caps will be counted as nominations. (If you’re discussing a book, but not nominating, please use regular capitalization for clarity.)

Nominations will end SUNDAY, AUGUST 20 at 11 PM GMT/7 PM EDT/4 PM PDT, and the books with the most nominations will move on to a vote.


I know I’m a broken record, but I will once again nominate
TENDERHEART, by Hetty Lui McKinnon

and I AM FROM HERE, by Vishwesh Bhatt.

I have cooked quite a bit from both. I did the entire zucchini chapter from the McKinnon book, and every recipe was solid. Plus the recipes aren’t just the usual suspects. The Bhatt book is also very creative. I’ve really enjoyed the okra recipes, but there is so much more.

I’m already cooking from TENDERHEART after your recommendation (thanks!), so I’ll second that! I made an eggplant and lentil dish that was great.

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Would anyone like to join me in trying a few recipes from AFRO-VEGAN: FARM-FRESH AFRICAN, CARIBBEAN & SOUTHERN FLAVORS REMIXED?

I love that book. Back when we were on CH, we did a Bryant Terry month. But I think this book would be great on its own.


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I missed this being nominated last month by @riley , but I’d be up for
ONCE UPON A CHEF blog and books

Also still stuck on
WOKS OF LIFE blog & book

@NJChicaa I’d be up for Too Hot Tamales / anything else by them, but I don’t have access to physical or library options at the moment, just making a note for next month!

I’d also be up for Afro-Vegan (or broader Bryant Terry) but I’m going to hold off on nominating while I look to see if I can make it work right now.

Someone please share what you like from Tenderheart? Seems everyone loves Hetty McKinnon but every time I look through her recipes I don’t pick one. So maybe I’m just looking at the wrong things.

WOKS OF LIFE blog and book

Saregama, she does recipes for Bon Appetit and the NYT, in case you have subscriptions to either, but here’s her website:
I’ve just made the one recipe from the book (plus a half of one that I adapted)–I thought it was eggplant and lentils because I had bookmarked that one, but it was a cabbage and lentil recipe. I like how her cooking is flavor packed but fairly simple, with some combinations that don’t seem like they’d work but then they just do.


REAL CAJUN by Donal Link
LAND OF PLENTY by Fuchsia Dunlop

WOKS OF LIFE would be a good one for me!

Yes, I see her stuff for the NYT and BA. Thanks for her site link, lot more there. I guess my hurdle has been that her combinations just haven’t caught me — which is odd because I cook/eat a lot of asian-inspired dishes, which are her wheelhouse.

Hoping there are a few more takers for COTM before Sunday!

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Just 24 hours remaining, and only a small number of nominations as yet…

I’m stretched for time next month (visitors for an extended home-stay at my home), and reluctant to nominate (ie. commit). I would do my best to play along with any of the following (no caps):

Woks of Life
Stir Frying to the Skies Edge
Once Upon a Chef

Some of my favorite resources.


Just wondering aloud if switching to quarterly might help COTM activity.

I could certainly cook from Keller month for a while longer (I haven’t reported a couple of things, but also there are so many more), and traction in any given month seems harder these days.

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I propose a


good idea!


A discussion of COTM’s future and what format would work best is probably in order, but it’s a bit late to apply it to September.

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