November 2023 Cookbook of the Month - Nominations

Time to nominate a book for November. For those new to this process, we will spend about a week a week taking nominations for a book to cook from during November. The top few nominees will move on to a voting stage, and the winner of that voting will be our November cookbook of the month. All are welcome to make nominations, but we ask that you do so with the intent of cooking along and reporting, should the book be selected.

To nominate a book, write the title in ALL CAPS in a comment below. Titles not in all caps will not be counted as a nomination. You may nominate as many books as you like. For a list of previous selections, please see our COTM archive.

Nominations will close at 10am EDT on Wednesday, October 18. A voting thread will follow shortly after.

There is still plenty of time to participate in our current COTM, The Woks of Life.

REAL CAJUN by Donald Link

It’s brand new, but I really want an excuse to buy it! So, Rupert’s SEAFOOD SIMPLE

November is a weird food month for me. But I am finally in my new kitchen, so.

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Copying over earlier nom thread links:

  • HEIRLOOM KITCHEN: Heritage Recipes and Family Stories from the Tables of Immigrant Women
  • ETHIOPIA: Recipes and Traditions from the Horn of Africa / Johanis Gebreyesus – trying again, because I actually have time to cook in November.
  • ON THE HIMALAYAN TRAIL: Recipes and Stories from Kashmir to Ladakh – I’m intrigued by Kashmiri food, which is rarely seen or written about (properly anyway). There’s an EYB preview and my library has it, so maybe others do too.

Making a note of for future:

I’m pretty sure this won’t be popular, but worth a shot: DINNER IN ONE by Melissa Clark.

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BRYANT TERRY MONTH - Afro Vegan was nomination last month or the month before, which would be great, but maybe a revisit to the entire oeuvre would be a better option.
ETHIOPIA - I’ve wanted to do this book for years now.
HEIRLOOM KITCHEN - I have it, so why not?
ROMY GILL month - I nominate this instead of On the Himalayan Trail, because the author also has a vegan Indian book which I would like to cook from. It would just be the two books.

THANKSGIVING 101 by Rick Rodgers


DINNER IN ONE. I have this cookbook and love it because i find i almost always have all the ingredients.


I’m interested in both.

Just FYI Dinner in One is $4.99 on Kindle in the U.S.

I’m tempted.

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DINNER IN ONE. I own it, but haven’t made anything from it yet.

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Does anyone have ”On the Curry Trail” by Raghavan Iyer? This is the book that was published shortly before he passed away. I haven’t seen it, but am on the wait list at the library.


DINNER IN ONE would be so great.

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I do have it, but haven’t cooked from it yet. At first glance, it seems to be a good introduction/overview of the evolution of curry, and has representative recipes of various countries/cultures. It has engaging prose, illustrations and pictures.


I have the ebook out. Still haven’t formed an opinion, but I think it needs to be read like a book not a recipe book, and so far I scanned the recipes and then went back to read bits and pieces of the text but wasn’t compelled enough to keep going. I’ll get back to it, though. (I should disclose that I was not a big fan of his earlier books, though there’s a recipe or two from them that did stick).


MI COCINA has proven itself (to me) to be an excellent book, better than I expected.
I’m always up for BRYANT TERRY month.
I haven’t been into Melissa Clark recipes in the past, but I would be interested to read along to Dinner in One. As mentioned above, it’s often on sale.
I once bought Ethiopia as an ebook but returned it. It didn’t seem to have any recipes or ideas I hadn’t seen somewhere else. I’d be interested to hear what people have liked about it. I’m not saying it was bad; I just didn’t need it.

Just a reminder that nominations close tomorrow morning at 10am.

Looks like we’ve got 2 tied for 2nd place (Ethiopia, Bryant Terry month) so if no one breaks that before tomorrow – or yet another book gets tied for 2nd – I’d be fine throwing in for Bryant Terry so it’s a 2-way vote.

Nominations are closed. I will post a voting thread later today.

Thanks. I was tempted to buy it without seeing it, but will wait until I make it to the top of the list at the library.