Jams, jellies, syrups and chutneys, your beloved recipes

Slightly off topic here but I too make jams, jellies, syrups and chutneys; since I couldn’t find fresh Seville oranges, I ordered a can from Williams Sonoma (hangs head in shame) followed the directions and was very unhappy with the results. Had never had lime chutney so I heard about & ordered Rose’s lime chutney, have to say it’s growing on me. I’m convinced I could make better. Do you have a source for recipes or could you direct me to a cookbook that does? Thankfully I don’t have arthritis in my hands yet, but it’s making itself known in other body parts…

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This topic worths a new thread on its own.

A few threads that may help:

More on HO

Time for Whole Preserved Figs…not fig preserves. 10 year chowhound thread anniversary
Hope I’m not breaking rules.

Here is this year’s day one.

Thought it might be interesting to post my canning mania pics from last year. Haven’t made a single thing to preserve this year! Shoulda counted them but started giving them away & did not get a count.

There are jams, syrups & sauces, lots of crushed tomatoes and tomato sauces.


How fortunate! That would last a good while of enjoyment.

I made a quick apricot jam by warming dried but very chewy apricots in boiled water for 10 mins to soften. Then in a fp I whirled the fruit added a pc. of fresh ginger and pineapple mango juice. Once chilled, I had a delicious quick jam for Greek yogurt and desserts. Lasts up to a month but goes much quicker.

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Thanks for the dried fruit jam idea - will definitely try that @Rooster.

And yes I went a little crazy with all the canning, and despite sharing and gifting a lot, I still have a bunch left. Our friends say they’re coming over here if something catastrophic happens. :upside_down_face:

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Here is day four of the preserved figs.

Oooh, they’re looking good @shrinkrap! Did you say this idea is from the Gift of Southern Cooking or was that another item in a different post? I do have that book. We need to move our fig from it’s current location to a warmer sunnier spot. It hasn’t really thrived. Hopefully it will fruit next year.

Yes; for the most part, although I make some adjustments for my mistakes and procrastination.


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