Savory apricot chutney?

So there’s a good 3lbs or so of frozen fresh apricots to play with. I want to use most of it for a savory chutney (the rest will go in oatmeal muffins as requested by dad) but am coming up with either an indian style chutney (not ideal, too many spices that aren’t on hand) or recipes that have a lot of sugar and sound weird sweet.
Anyone have a favorite recipe? Or another savory fruit chutney that I can use just swapping in the apricots?

Have you looked at mostarda recipes? Many call for dried fruit, but I’m sure you could do the same mustard and vinegar treatment with fresh.

here are a few versions:


Oooh, those are more what i was thinking! Maybe i amnjust calling it by the wrong name…

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Thank you @Babette !
I almost followed a recipe for an apricot mostarda, started with carmelized onion, added a good splash of cider vinegar, lots of black pepper, some thyme, garlic, mustard powder, salt, the drained apricots, and then let it all simmer down til thick.
Very tasty! Will go with mom and dad’s stuffed pork chop