Pepper jelly 6.0

I’ve been working on this for years.
First time.
Charlie’s Pepper Jelly #2

I usually make it with red poblanos. I grow the ones that I can ripen and have some heat as well as poblano flavor.

I don’t use the green parts, and sometimes add whatever ripe peppers I have; lately piquillo, Fresno, Corno di Toro.
Frozen peppers for jelly , on the right

This year’s recipe…I think…
Red Poblano Pepper Jelly

Might try orange marzanos with it.
[Pepper Jellies and the Manzano Chile- Chileunderground]

Would love to use some of the pickled cherries I made.
[Cherry Season is Here, and Cherry Pepper Jellies are Great]

I’ve tried a variety of liquids ( white grape, white cranberry, apple juice, vinegars) ,and pectins (Pomona, liquid pictin , powdered pectin, no pectin), trying to use limited sugar.

Anybody mastered this? I don’t want jam or preserve, I want a clear jelly. A bit of chopped pepper would be okay.


Stashing recipes!


Bon Appetit Sweet and Spicy Chile Pepper Jelly

I usually go a little “nuts” with spiced pecans about now as well.

I’ve been meaning to get around to making hot pepper jelly all these years but never quite got around to it.

You’’re quite the industrious type aren’t you😀

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One of the nicer things I’ve been called! :blush:

We use Dutch Jel Lite for our jams & jellies. 2/3 C per 4 C liquid. You can buy it online. Much simpler than Pomona’s & a lot cheaper. It’s a natural product made from orange peels.

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Thanks! Does it work with “low” sugar recipes!

It is expressly for low sugar recipes. Just make sure you get ‘Lite’. The regular Dutch Jel is for high sugar recipes. If you have trouble finding it let me know.

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This one mentions juice instead of vinegar. Does anyone know if there might be pH issues?

Sweet Solution for Garden Hot Peppers

Ratio of vinegar to peppers, in making jelly

Do you know if it needs vinegar to work in pepper jelly?

Pectin 101

Dutch Jel Brochure
Dutch Jel Brochure.pdf (1.9 MB)

From Devil’s Food Kitchen

Food Science-pectin

More about pectin-mentions Pomona for pepper and mint jelly

It also describes “modified citrus pectin”, which is what I imagine dutch jel is.

well - I make pepper jam not jelly. My recipe uses 1 1/4 C cider Vinegar to 8 C of ground up (in the food processor) peppers. Generally, acidic additives like vinegar, lemon juice & etc are there to help the set. You know, one of the advantages to Dutch Jel Lite is you can re-cook it. So if you make a batch & it doesn’t set properly you can just re-cook it adding whatever you think you may have left out. Experience helps too. Some fruits & berries have lots of natural pectin, like cranberries, and require little or no additional pectin to set. Others, like peaches have very little & need lots of pectin. It also varies from batch to batch with sone batches of the same fruit having more or less natural pectin & so requiring a bit more or less of added pectin. Takes a bit of practice Shrink.


Thank you! And I’v e been practicing, hence the title “6.0”

From a year or so ago; Pomona poblano jelly on the left, Pomona ( I think) piquillo “jam” on the right.


# 2 looks a lot better. Much progress. In the Food Science article Chef Scott explains the use of acids in jam making. Gives me an interesting idea about timing the addition of the acid. Good read - thanks for that. I’ve been making jam for 30+ years so I guess I don’t really think about it much - just do it the way I always did. Sometimes it’s good to try new things.

Now - I bought Peppermint Stick ice cream today so I’m off to experiment with a new recipe for Hot Fudge Sauce to go on top.

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Wow! Thirty years! FWIW, I like jam for strawberries, nectarines, pluots, and apricots, and I like the “small batch” technique from Cooks illustrated. No pectin!

Easy Fresh Fruit Jam

I like preserves for figs and lemons.

Old Chowhound thread about preserved pigs

Old chowhound thread about preserved lemons

For some reason, for peppers, I like the presentation and mouthfeel of the jelly, with maybe a bit of perfectly cut, perfectly suspended peppers…WHEN it comes out right.
I find jelly much trickier.

Not clear like I like, but tastes good;

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Still researching for a few more bottles.


I believe those a Weck jars if that’s what you’re looking for. Sur La Table used to carry them. Nice jars but very pricey. You could also check Burch Bottle - they sometimes have some interesting jars.

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Thank you! I have some pretty Weck jars, but I don’t like fiddling with the clips, so I use them in the fridge. What I like about this picture is the appearance of the jelly! Such a pretty color.

This one

And this one is pretty too, although pinapple wouldn’t be “farm-to-table”.


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Seems Delicious!

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Thank you! Anybody else making pepper jelly?

This year I have some Turkish peppers, and the jelly is in honor of my new daughter in law. I am heading to Turkey in September.