Just peachy

Here in NJ peaches are falling off the trees with barely a nudge. Large, juicy and oh so fragrant. I slice one open and get transported to my younger days pulling trees for pocket money.

Peach pie, ice cream, popsicles, grilled and jam are all on my hit parade. What’s your favorite way to enjoy these gems?

All recommendations welcome🙂.

Thanks, Rooster


I have a ton of mint in my yard and thought this cool dessert would be a fun use for some peaches.

Do you think I can cut back on some of the sugar without ruining the recipe?

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You can probably cut the sugar by 1/3, although maybe add one TB of vodka to help prevent it from turning to a brick. Also use a whole milk or 2% for the yogurt, too little fat and you also could end up with a brick…

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Ok, thanks for the tips. I am probably going to try a half batch initially to make sure it works.

I like them straight off the tree. Last week I stopped by Moods Farm in Mullica Hill & picked up a couple boxes for jam. IMO Moods peaches are the best & so I drive the hour south to get them. I ate at least 10 on the way home. Both me & the van were a giant sticky mess by the time we got home.


I started a small batch if peach sorbet, two small jars of peach jam, pureed a dozen for drinks, grilled a few for lunch and just polished off a smoothie with greek yogurt and peaches.

It will go on like this until I OD on peaches.


Peach and blackberry crisp (or cobbler - but I like a crisp better, in general) is my go-to, if not eating directly.

Oh, and sliced over thick French toast with vanilla yogurt and a light drizzle of real maple syrup.

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No recipe and I’ve never successfully canned anything, but my mother used to make and can a peach chutney, heavy on the ginger. It was wonderful! Might be fun to see if you can find a recipe along those lines (and if you like chutney!).

Edited to add: When we had a larger freezer I’d peel, slice, and freeze many quart-sized bags of very ripe peaches; in the winter I’d thaw and bake into cobblers and such - very good in a coffee cake, as well.

Also, fresh peach shortcake (you can add other fruits, too, like blackberries, strawberries, raspberries) is, dare I say, even tastier than the more common strawberry version.


Appreciate the suggestions and tips! I sm working my way thru a bunch of your ideas. We have a second freezer to make use of the fruit. I am returning to the farm later today for more.

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Glad to have ideas to share: you have me searching my memories. :wink:

Couple more:
SIL says fresh peach salsa for grilled fish/seafood (peaches, red onion, cilantro, bit of heat from hot pepper of choice - can also include bell pepper; she says to dice small - plus tiny amount of salt and fresh cracked pepper).

And, using the frozen peaches, peaches and cream scones, peach and blueberry/raspberry muffins or tea cakes - and something else I’m forgetting.

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I like firm peaches diced into cold rice salad. Peaches and avocado go well together and the chutney idea is on the list👍

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Costco had gorgeous-looking peaches this weekend, so I bought a box. They’re ripening on the counter now, and whatever doesn’t get eaten raw this week will likely become pie this coming weekend. If I have great peaches I prefer to make peach pie with raw sliced peaches inside of a blind-baked pie crust, set with a gelatin/sugar mixture similar to what you’d use for fresh strawberry pie. Loads of whipped cream on top. There’s nothing better!


Just came across this which looks fantastic if you can deal with turning on the oven

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There is no such thing as too many peach recipes-SK



On a similar theme, we’re eating peeled and sliced peaches for breakfast, topped with a bit of ricotta and sliced almonds for protein. Greek yogurt or labne are equally delicious in place of the ricotta. Add blueberries or blackberries for my favorite combos of summer fruit.


Delicious way to enjoy peaches!

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That sounds amazing. I found a recipe from Taste of Home that sounds very similar which I think I’ll make tomorrow. Thank you for the idea!