I just ordered six dozen oysters!

Just got fifty more , Island Creek Oysters , because free shipping for mother’s day!

First up!

Since this seems to becoming a habit, I’m want to connect these threads.

Also, maybe I’ll actually cook some this time, especially since son gave me these for Christmas.

He knows I order oysters, and asks me if I used it. I think a lot of folks do this with gulf oysters, but has anyone here done something like this (grilled, broiled, cooked) with these $$$/cold water ones?


Oh no, not again!:slightly_smiling_face: We made a two hour round trip last week to buy fresh shucked shipped in daily gulf oysters. My husband ate some raw with cocktail sauce. Fried some more. And did a lazy man casserole type oyster Rockefeller. Sauté bacon and onion until crispy, mix in thawed frozen chopped spinach. Top with oysters and bake for 10 minutes. Hot sauce on top.

.One oyster dish I’ve never been able to forget was at my SIL’s house one night. Lightly floured oysters flash fried in garlic butter. When I tried it at home I wound up with a gluey mess…lol. You could probably pull it off though😀

The best thing to do with $$$ oysters might just be to eat them raw.


Yes! Again!

More references.


“You could probably pull it off though😀”

Awww, shucks. Don’t know that I’d even try that…hmmmm.

Nah. I don’t even aspire to frying.

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Serious Eats-How to serve oysters on the half shell

Is this not the utimate low carb binge? (I just read 4 grams in 3,5 ounce, but hmmm…didn’t fact check. )

Okay, one of. There’s also hot smoked salmon, and of course bacon!

"“Heat this imposing cast-iron pan on the grill, then fill it with oysters on the half shell topped with butter or pesto, and in five minutes they will be cooked to tender succulence. Try it with unshucked oysters, and in 10 minutes they will be open, warm and ready to serve. What the pan will not do is burnish the oysters to look like the photograph on the package; they will be delicious nonetheless. The pan also works for clams, shrimp, bacon-wrapped sea scallops and escargots for a crowd”

If I’m cooking them, I’m looking for a way I’m not asked to shuck them first.


Uh oh!

“I asked about grilling oysters in the shell without shucking, as I saw many others doing at the table-side grills around the picnic area. He shrugged and said that while the oysters will pop open when they’re done (thus circumventing the need to shuck), it’s also practically guaranteed that you’ll overcook the oysters this way. A chewy nub of an oyster is no one’s idea of a good time. Plus, he said with an evil grin, you don’t get the melted butter.”

Wikihow 4 ways to cook oysters

" Decide whether to cook the oysters whole or on the half-shell. Although there’s little difference in method, how you cook your oysters will depend on whether you want to season your oysters beforehand or leave them unseasoned until right before you plop them down your gullet. If you want to season your oysters beforehand, shucking them is your best bet. If you’d prefer to season them after cooking, or perhaps not at all, you’re better off leaving them in their shells while they cook."

Food and Wine “pan roast” but I’m probably not doing that.

Oooo! I can “use pan to serve chilled oysters on the half shell, cook corn bread, drop biscuits, single serving mac ‘n’ cheese and more”!

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Cooked oysters have a different texture and taste, in case you have never tried them this way before. No more silky texture and briny fresh taste of the sea.

These days I can’t exercise like before CV-19 so I limit my intake to one dozen a week. Gone in no time, eating them standing by the kitchen sink.


Lucky to live where Island Creek oysters are local, so we get to enjoy more than our fair share of these oysters raw and I think this is still the best. I admit to never having mastered shucking them, or clams, and I have the bloody palm wounds to show it. I did enjoy fresh grilled oysters in Japan once, and if it means not having to gouge my hands, I might just give them a try. I’ve never bought fresh oysters since because I was tired of stabbing myself in the hands.

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Why don’t you get an oyster glove?


My sister and I eventually put on pot holders after the first few gouges, and we still couldn’t get them open, so it really didn’t seem like it was worth the investment at the time.

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I can get them open without cutting myself, but it makes such a mess, with bits of shell everywhere, that I stopped doing it.

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Btw, it’s not the oysters I need to be careful about but the alcohol. I usually wash them down with beer or sparkling wine. That’s the culprit of excess calorie accumulation.

Dry white wine.

I was wondering about that!

@shrinkrap, thanks for posting the many oyster preps! I saved, and am planning to make the F&W pan roast. I don’t care for oysters on the half shell, although I’ve tried. It’s most certainly a texture thing. I do love them lightly cooked, in various ways. We like to put whole ones on the grill, but only wait until we see steam coming out of the oysters, rather than waiting for them to pop open. This ensures, you don’t get a shrunken overcooked bivalve. However, I do understand any amount of cooking is heresy for some people. Hope you enjoyed your oysters!

I too was wondering why @Presunto, was limiting to 1 dozen oysters per week. Thanks for the clarification! :smiley_cat:

I suspect I have more than 30 left, so stay tuned, but I did enjoy 11 of the first 12. One I probably should have tossed, but did a hail Mary.

I just ate a dozen raw with mignonette, while watching the latest episode of top chef

Planning to watch again, with a few broiled with some compound butter I had layin’ around.:blush:

Sort of, but not exactly this.


Looks good!

I’m picking up my dozen from the market fishmonger this afternoon. Fri and Sat are the weekly markets in the big city 10km from my small town. I order seafood from “my” main fishmonger every week but also buy seafood from other fishmongers. Then I carry everything home on the back of my bicycle.


The last sdozen are still alive and full of juice. I’ve tried aguachile,

AND I’ve found myself with a little liquor from several days ago. Do i dare drink it?

I have to be totally honest with you. Eight day old oysters. You’re a braver soul than I am. And now we have 8 day old oyster juice to contend with. Go for it if you want to.:slightly_smiling_face:

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