I just ordered six dozen oysters!

I opened one last night that was clinging to life as desperately as those on the first day. Pretty amazing! I’ve read they can live for two weeks if you store them right, but in the past they have not held on to as much liquor as these. But I’ll probably not sip the liquor I kept for some reason I don’t recall.

Call 911 if I don’t check in here every day.


I’m good with 8 day old oysters. Properly refrigerated and handled they last up to 2 weeks, much longer than beef, pork, or chicken.


I will slurp that juice down. Oysters are alive until shucked and if they give up a fight they’re good.

This was was liquor that was somehow in excess of what I gulped with the first thirty oysters. Not sure how that happened, but I think I saved it if I thought it might spill, when shucking. What would make oyster liquor extra sketchy? Does it harbor germs or parasites or a new covid or something?

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Just briny goodness.

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Inspired by @Presunto, @jcostiones and


Extra oyster juice


Oysters! Free shipping for Labor day from TWO sources! Fifty today, two dozen next month ( I hope! Grassy Bar from Giovanni’s Fish Market on October 1st). These are Row 34 from Island Creek, bowls down on ice packs at 40 degrees F. I’ll cover with a wet towel or another ice pack. They say I have about 5 days.


Those would last about five seconds here.


Day 10 and I just ate some of the last dozen or so, and they are still clinging to life more than I am.

These were from last Sunday; a week ago.

These were from today.


Free shipping of within California

Use Coupon Code: CAFREE
Offer Expires 3/19/23


This time just “Pacific” and “Pacific Gold”. Not sure what that means. I think gold are bigger.

Won’t be hard to dispense with 2 dozen, but additional suggestions welcome.

And mingonette?


The smaller ones survived the trip better.

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I wouldn’t eat an oyster that doesn’t move!

Here are two of my Favs…

But prefer it with fettuccine like I used to get at Orleans.