Your favorite salmon that's not common (i.e., citrus + grilled or lemon/skillet seared are the norm)?

I got about 3 pounds of Sockeye fillets today for $10/lb, which around here is a pretty good price.

I’ve pan-seared, roasted, grilled salmon many ways but am wondering if folks have favorites that are outside of those fairly typical preparations?

Has anyone ever breaded salmon like you would a white fish? Is that a horrible idea? What about slicing into fingers and deep frying? Also a horrible idea?

I’m just looking for something that’s not “the usual things” that I tend to do.

Many thanks for any ideas.

Edit - one limitation, I’m planning to cook today or tomorrow so I’m not looking for longer-term recipes like gravlax (which I love but many in my family do not, as happens)…


I like poached with dill and horseradish sour cream. Also raw.


Salmon fish sticks are a bad idea.

Not necessarily “not common” but ceviche or poke are always nice during the summer.

And, if you want to fire up the stovetop, a salmon stir fry with broccoli, carrots and squash is quite tasty.


Poaching is a great idea from small_h. Steaming is another twist. Of course, you can steam the whole fish. The other idea is to steam the salmon on rice like a donabe dish.


I have seen a few places in the PNW making fish and chips from salmon. I have never tried it but I know there was a place that I went to frequently where it was a regular menu item. I can’t remember where.

I like corn and salmon chowder this time of year. I don’t know that, that would qualify as not common.

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Great ideas, y’all. Many thanks.

Well, given I’ve never even heard of salmon/corn chowder, it definitely qualifies as not common to me!


Mustard salmon

That thread has other ideas as well (I’ll repeat my own – quick version of saikyo miso, green chutney or similar punchy sauce en papillote, Viet caramel salmon)

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I see salmon chowder on lots of menus around me. I think the corn might be my addition.


Salmon fish and chips is not as common as cod/haddock, but it’s not UNcommon. As long as you don’t overcook it to catfood consistency, you should be ok.

I like rubbing it down with soysauce, a little vegetable oil, and prepared horseradish, bake in an oven 'til done to your liking, maybe give it a blast under the broiler for the top.

Works really well w/ mashed potatoes. But what doesn’t?

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For salmon fillets I almost always poach as others have already suggested. I normally bring a pan of water to the boil, pop in the fillets and then turn the heat off and pop on a lid. I leave in for 10 mins and they always come out nicely. They’re quite thin fillets as a rule so thicker ones may require a different approach.
In summer I like to serve them with a leek, sweated off in butter, then a little vermouth or white wine added and frozen broad beans and peas.

This or over rice and kimchi , with charred spring onions, a fried egg and a few squirts hoisin and sriracha.


Not a fan of salmon in ceviche, but cakes and chowders can be great. Almost everything else I do with it is pan cooked… whether it be a Benedict, Rockefeller, salad, pan fried chunks in bourbon sauce, or blackened.


I am not fond of breaded salmon.

I make salmon a couple times a month.

Here are some maybe less common preps:

Plaki- style with tomatoes, onions, lemons, oregano , olive oil.


Moqueca (Bahia style stew with coconut milk)



oh dear . . . lots of variations…
salmon fiesta

and salmon soup

salmon wrapped scallop

also a salmon/rye savory breakfast “quiche” - holler


I have been making this for years and it is one of my most favorite ways to eat salmon


I’ve made sushi rolls with Sockeye Salmon, really good!!


Ina Garten has a “breaded” salmon recipe that’s great: google “panko-roasted salmon”.

I nearly always slow roast salmon in the oven at 275. Sometimes with butter, soy and lemon, sometimes with chili crisp, sometimes with very old Moosewood recipe with fermented black beans, garlic, ginger, soy, rice vinegar, sesame oil and scallions for garnish.

If you want to take dinner in a non-Asian direction, slow roast with butter and dry white wine or vermouth.


I’ve been doing piccata-style fish in the oven. Topped with capers, breadcrumbs, etc.


Thumbs up for poached.

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For me . Skin side down on low … A brush of mayonnaise on top with a little salt . Cook around 9 minutes and flip for 1 minute.

I don’t know if this falls within the parameters of what the OP was looking for, but it’s my absolute favorite way to eat salmon, it’s very simple/easy and always a hit with my friends whether they be Japanese people here or Americans back home. And I’ve never accidentally overcooked it.