Any Jam Makers or Home Canners Out There?

Any favorite recipes/tips for fig jam? I was thinking a savory-sweet chutney with shallots and raisins(?) might be nice, too. I think I have 6-8 cups fresh figs. I also have a quart of garden raspberries I could throw in.


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I’ve run across many, but never made jam. I am obsessed with “southern style” whole preserved figs.


I love this chutney, one time I misread the recipe and added more red pepper powder, I liked it better. Jam is good too.


They stayed crunchy, or maybe crisp is a better description. Very nice!

What’s this? It looks like golden goodness! Did I miss something?

It’s linked to a long running thread about my pepper jelly hijinks. This version is made from yellow and orange sweet and hot peppers.

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Gravenstein apple sauce.


A small, experimental batch of pickled grape tomatoes, loosely based on a Food In Jars post here. I did not peel my tomatoes.

I put two jars through the water bath process and made two jars of “fridge pickles”. We’ll know in a week or so if we care for them (and if so, I have plenty more tomatoes where these came from).

If anyone has any good canning ideas for small grape tomatoes, I’m all ears.


Do you like Marisa’s “Amy’s tomato jam?” You can use grape/cherry tomatoes for that, no peeling. I have.

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Yes - Amy’s tomato jam is a great recipe! I’ve made it often.

I’m thinking something (maybe) specifically for small tomatoes where I can leave them whole? So eye appealing…

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Sounds right up my alley. Thank you and @shrinkrap

I’m thinking these are like the ones you made.

I’ve made pickled cherry tomatoes before, but not sure which recipe I used.

I’ve also seen semi-dried in olive oil, but I have a vague memory of a potential risk.

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OP wants to can. These are not canned.

Oops. Sorry. I looked through all my canning books, and the closest was for a yellow tomato preserves, but it said red cherries weren’t a good substitute, and I doubt the cherries stay whole.

Based on the stains in the book, I think I’ve made it at least once.

That food in jars link seems to sumnit up. The title is " Five Ways To Preserve Small Tomatoes", and it’s pretty much freezing (fresh or roasted), drying, or jam.

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7 half-pints of peach jam, and 10 pints of “sober” peaches. These are Redglobe peaches from the Yakima, WA area.

Behind the canned peaches, you can see my Rumtopf jar (a nod to @Phoenekia). Thus far I’ve added sour cherries, strawberries, nectarines, currants and peaches. When our grapes come in, I’ll be adding those, as well.


Squirl’s fig-raspberry jam (our raspberries, neighbors’ figs). I also made 2 1/2 jars of fig chutney, loosely based on this recipe.


Sweet beet relish (roasted tomato and beet, red onion, sugar, horseradish and red wine vinegar) from River Cottage Preserves. Peach jam and peach passionfruit jam.


A few plums were languishing on the counter, so I made a small batch of Luisa Weiss’s spiced plum butter. This was a real microbatch. I scaled down the recipe to 17% and left the plum chunks whole to be enjoyed as a yogurt topping. Quick and easy when you’re working this small. No need for strict sterilization either, as it made just over 1 cup and will be refrigerated. I doubt it will last long.




I am hoping someone can help me identify a book. It is probably a preserving book, or possibly a baking book. Anyway, one that I took from the library and didn’t make note of. I took a picture of one page, and the recipes are:
White peach and vanilla jam
Yellow peach and passionfruit jam
Blueberry and yellow nectarine jam

I love the passionfruit jam and would love to see the book again, as my photo has an ingredient list and how to get started, then says follow steps 3, 4, 5 and 6 on page 140. I followed other trusted sources, but this is driving me nuts. I have tried google and Eat Your Books with no success. Thanks!