Super Bowl 2024 Eats


And also:

-Non-hot wings (bec Mom) with lots of celery
-A homemade cranberry/pistachio/chive cheese log I made last week and had lots of leftovers
-Maybe a nice Caesar salad


Homemade guacamole and homemade chili topped with shredded cheddar, sour cream and scallions - all with tortilla chips. Maybe I’ll buy a couple of different kinds and put out a bowl of salsa, too, but there’s only 2 of us. DH is rooting for SF - I’ll watch for the commercials and to stay current with the Kelce/Swift romance. I’ve been enjoying their fairy tale.


I’ve never had buffalo chicken dip.
Not really a dip fan or buffalo chicken fan so this is an easy pass for me.


By the numbers:

  • Two Million Domino’s Pizzas
  • 11 Million Buffalo Wild Wings
  • 5.19 Million Cans of Ro-Tel
  • Four Million Pounds of Velveeta

I guess one does eat Pancakes and Shrimp Etouffé for Super Bowl when Super Bowl takes place during Mardi Gras :rofl:

And some people eat Eggs Benedict for Super Bowl, maybe because every Sunday is a day for Eggs Benedict, not just Super Bowl Sunday! Same goes for Lasagna , Meatballs and Sunday Gravy ( not pictured) I wouldn’t expect Nonna to change the menu because of Super Bowl. :it:


Changing tracks, while I still don’t know how many we will be or if there is a masterplan of food (waiting on the host):

– Arayes (meat-stuffed pita) or musakhan pita pockets (same idea, different stuffing)
– Buffalo or butter chicken dip with pita chips
– Salmon dip / rillettes with pita chips
– Orange olive oil cake OR Loaded chocolate chip bars from BCOTM Snacking Bakes


Friends are hosting and I’m making oatmeal scotchies again (she’s a cookie fanatic like me), Skyline dip and tortilla chips, Liptauer (to go with their homemade pretzels), and probably also bringing some rindless Brie dip (Alouette? I forget the brand). Drinks will be white wine and “pearsecco” (which I think is just sparkling hard cider). Probably also some Castelvetrano and Kalamata olives.


That all sounds tasty!

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Have you ever tried Obatzda? It’s a Bavarian spread made with rindless camembert or brie, and beer. Pretty tasty . But maybe too close to Liptauer.


Yeah, I actually originally bought it for the purpose of making Obatzda, but I figured with the paprika etc it was a little too close.

Of the two, I prefer Liptauer.


I fell into a brie dip and whipped brie rabbit hole. Lol.

Yep, I would also only bring one paprika & cheese dip for the pretzels.

There is an Australian brie dip with bacon and a drizzle of honey that would also probably be good with pretzels. Haven’t tried it. But you have the Alouette so you’re set!


But I can’t do any prep other than making the cake till I hear back on the rest of the plan :woman_facepalming:t2:

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Make the meat filling? Can freeze…

Tell me more? Didn’t turn up with Google.

Buying groceries but won’t cook yet bec I don’t want to have to eat my way through a pile of stuff meant for a group :joy:

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Or top the Alouette with crumbled bacon, a drizzle of honey and a shake of thyme.


It is just me here so I don’t have to deal with a whole spread. I do want to try a new Food Network recipe that I came across on Twitter a couple of days ago–Pretzel Foccaccia with Beer Cheese. The local grocery store doesn’t have pretzel salt so I’m just going to use coarse sea salt and hope for the best. Also I’m not using American cheese. I’m using 2 kinds of sharp cheddar along with the cream cheese.


Lol. Two-person, highly-apathetic household here. If we watch any of it, there might be a big bowl of popcorn, coming in well under the average cost of $86 per person for Superbowl parties.


Realized I can turn the meat filling into kababs worst case scenario, so took your advice and made the meat filling and put it away.