January–April 2024 Baking Cookbook of the Months :SNACKING BAKES by Yossy Arefi

I don’t know amounts/weights for the nuts, but it seems like you could increase the oats, or a combination of oats and flour, in the streusel and leave out the nuts?


I think you could just leave out the nuts, but honestly the taste is not very noticeable


MALTED SUGAR COOKIES - the malt flavor is really present in these. I loved these. Baked for 9.5 min.


I dunno about the cookies, but I love your pics :smiley:


what a nice compliment @Saregama! That’s my new countertop!




The cocoa isn’t bloomed (and she uses her standard cake method that seems unnecessarily fussy for brownies).

Also, more butter than the most excessive of brownie recipes I’ve used to date (Medrich’s) :joy:

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Alright, you folks got me even though I’m still 9 weeks away from the ebook at the library :joy:.

My first attempt at a marble cake!

I wanted something sweet and cakey, took a while to decide between the chocolate chip snickerdoodle cake and the marble cake, but the latter won out because I have a vat of brown butter (I made ghee a few months ago that cooked too long, so now it’s not ghee, sigh).

Half recipe (5" tin – took 25 mins)
Modified to half butter and half grapeseed oil (because it will take me a while to get through the cake, and oil cakes keep better).
Tart whole milk greek yogurt instead of sour cream.
A bit of concentrated coffee to thin the chocolate batter.

Tastes lovely out of the oven. The brown butter flavor came through clearly in both the vanilla and the chocolate batters, and has persisted in the finished cake as well.

Will report back how it ages over the next couple of days.


I got the ebook from the library a little while ago (after quite a wait) and paged through it, but didn’t have a chance to actually try anything before it had to go back. My initial sense was that it might be less compelling to me than Snacking Cakes, but there are so many recipes when you factor in all the variations that who knows? Definitely a number I’d like to try! I’m now back on the wait list for a hard copy (shorter wait than for the ebook, plus I’d like to see the physical book) because I’m not in a position right now to spring for a new book. With any luck, I’ll have a chance to try some things, but in the meantime, I’m drinking in the various reports.


Turns out I had copied over a few things when I first looked up the book a while back – there are a few recipes out there already (more if you search by name).

Chewy Cocoa Brownies

One Bowl Brown Butter Blondies

Pumpkin and Chocolate Chip Bars

Banana nut blondies

Chocolate Chip Snickerdoodle Cake

Brown Butter Marble Cake

Peanut Butter and Jam Cake With Raspberries

Malted Chocolate Cookies

Ginger Cherry Oaties

Coconut Cookie Bark


One change I forgot — I reduced the sugar by 1/3 and used turbinado (so 1/4c for my half, 1/2c for the full recipe down from 3/4).

I tasted the batter before the cocoa went in with the intent of adding another tbsp or 2 of sugar if needed, but it was really sweet as is. The cocoa dampened that half somewhat.


Peanut Butter and Jam Cake with Raspberries :
I made a few changes to the recipe but nothing substantial. I reduced the volume and used a 6x6x2” pan and substituted pistachio butter for peanut butter. In addition, toasted pistachio oil for the melted butter and a layer of finely chopped pistachios…well, not too many changes :grin:.
This is a delicious cake, soft, tender crumb and a thin, slightly crisp crust. The jam topping was split between raspberry jam and apricot jam, half and half down the middle. Fresh raspberries were added to the raspberry jam side.
If you like peanut butter in a cake, it’s probably delicious as well. We really enjoyed the jams with the pistachio butter and would make again.


Day 2 report: very moist, brown butter flavor still strong.

It struck me last night that there’s much more fat than necessary in this recipe — 10 tbsp of butter PLUS 1 cup sour cream — my favorite lemon buttermilk cake uses less than half that amount of oil plus buttermilk.

I’ll dial back the butter/oil next time in addition to the sugar.


I’d definitely eat pistachio cake before peanut butter cake! (Where do you get your pistachio butter? It’s really expensive around here.)

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This happened to be a gift but I’ve successfully made it either in VitaMix or FP using TJ ‘s raw pistachios. I prefer the flavor of raw. Raspberries and pistachios do make a great combo.

ETA: I added the nut butter to the egg/sugar mixture prior to the sour cream as I felt it would be easier to mix it in first because of the density ,it worked well. Also reduced sugar in cake a bit because of the jam.
Re: excessive butter, I agree, all the recipes seem to favor high fat. I thought I’d make the Mazurkas next and reduce the butter a bit.


Not that there’s any shortage of ways to use up that pumpkin, but here’s Yossy for another cup :joy:

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Oof, she won’t stop :joy:

Lots of comments about over-the-top sweetness on that one too. I very rarely say that about anything but def found that bar recipe of hers I recently made to be too sweet.

I’ve reduced the sugar in all the recipes I’ve made from Snacking Cakes by 20-25% and found they hit my sweet spot that way (sorry, couldn’t resist). In the linked recipe, I’d do the same. Of course, I routinely reduce sugar a bit, since most authors use too much for my taste.

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As I mentioned above, I always cut back on sugar.
But this wasn’t as egregious as one of my favorite cakes, where I slash the sugar by HALF.

I have to go back and see if the fat and sugar proportions in Snacking Cakes followed the same formula, and I’m only noticing now, though I also didn’t bake much from that one.

Almost all the cakes in that book (all 8x8"/9" round/loaf) use 8 T butter or oil, and it hasn’t felt like too much in the ones I’ve made. She doesn’t increase the amount there in recipes where the butter is browned, either.