Il Nido, Marlboro, NJ

Thanks @CurlzNJ! Yes, we made it home in one piece. It was a harrowing ride, but I drove between 40-50 on the GSP with my hazard lights on. Hopefully I didn’t bend the rim. I have the car with the mechanic now. He ordered a new tire. Hopefully it will be ready later today. I gave a very good test of the run flat tires theory :slightly_smiling_face:


Isn’t that what they said about the enormous mixed grill at Apella? :grin:


And look what happened to them!!

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So sorry to hear of your “tire” ordeal.

I am sure that the Usa has an emergency service like we do here in Spain, called R.A.C.E.

i think in the Usa is called: A.A.A.

They come wherever you are and change a tire or re-charge a battery or etcetra.

Take care.

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