Il Nido, Marlboro, NJ

Il Nido is Italian for “the nest” and this nest of mugnaia pasta, hand rolled to about 8 feet and served with a cruschia pepper sauce with garlic is one of the multitude of reasons this is possibly the best restaurant in the state. The service is impeccable, the chef accessible and informative, the owner a true gentleman…whose passion for the project is evident in every facet of the operation, from the steaks to the stemware. I don’t care if I get lost every time trying to find my way home…I know we’ll find our way back very soon.


Oh WOW! Simply spectacular looking !!


We enjoyed another fabulous dinner at Il Nido. I had an outstanding Wagyu short rib while Mrs. P enjoyed a crispy black bass. We shared the most amazing pillowy soft ricotta gnocchi with fennel sausage, broccoli rabe, pine nuts, and currants. We also had some awesome crispy squash blossoms, and the always excellent salumi board.


I forgot to mention that the owner will be closing on the strip mall this week. The liquor license is almost finalized. They will be building a bar/lounge area where the Tile place is, and made an arrangement to move the tile store further down the strip mall, since a tile place does not have to be seen off the highway like the restaurant does. This would give the restaurant more visibility, since you can’t really see it off of route 9. Also, more importantly the owner is looking to build an entirely different restaurant in the strip mall. It will be more casual and affordable, serving pizza and burgers, etc. This will hopefully attract the 75% of the people that can’t afford to dine at Il Nido :grin: The tile place supplied the tiles for Il Nido’s kitchen and will supply the tiles for the new restaurant as well. The owner also mentioned something about having year around dining outdoors with some sort of retractable roof. I’m not sure how that will be designed. He is making the most use of all of the available space. This will probably not be fully ready until the end of this year, but more probably next year.


great to hear; very interested to see what they do for the lower price point spot.


Sounds amazing.

There is a wonderful venue in the Madrid Capital, which is a loft and up the stairs is a dining space, with a retractable roof which can be opened to see the sky day or evening. It is quite impressive.

Surely it shall do very well too.



I wonder if this pop up hints at the more casual place @paryzer mentions in his post above.


I was thinking the same thing. He mentioned that the new casual place would be serving pizza and burgers, among other things. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Nashville hot chicken sandwiches were on the menu as well (if they get positive responses from this pop up.)


Great Minds…

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Had dinner there last night. They were packed! It’s a story in itself how they have expanded when most restaurants are shrinking.

We tried lots of different apps and all were very good. My favorite still is the lobster and crab. They really know how to “not muck up” the food. A few flavors highlight the main ingredients and do not overpower it.

I had the veal chop with Roman Gnocchi for a main. The chop was perfectly medium rare as ordered and was accented with a mushroom sauce made with some fresh, exotic mushrooms. The gnocchi were more like square polenta cakes.

Desserts were good except for the pistachio cake that just missed the mark on all counts.


Great minds think alike! I had the same meal with dessert just the other day.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold