Il Nido, Marlboro, NJ


Just saw an IG post by Local 130 Seafood about a new spot: Opening this week, our friends in the kitchen are doing some really great things! Wow what a meal, Congrads (Joe and the boys the future is bright!

Certainly looks nice and the menu reads well…

ETA if they’re using Local 130, I already know they care about good ingredients!

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Restaurant suggestion in Monmouth/north Ocean county

Those pics look great! That’s how you do it.

I sadly don’t see any prices on the menu. Its interesting that they have wagyu beef by the ounce. I would not expect that from a strip mall restaurant.

I don’t think I’ve had dry aged prime rib before. I wonder if those are hard to cook (dry out.) I’ve had quite a few aged ribeyes though :slight_smile:

Ps…kudos to them for not using the term “kobe.”

That irritates me when places use the word and don’t have genuine product.

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I see that the tasting menu is $55pp so hopefully the other prices are coming…


(John) #4

Dry aged beef loses water so the flavor becomes more intense. It’s very good. I always dry age my rib roast at Xmas.

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I’ve had some dry aged beef in my day lol…probably too much.

I’m just wondering if cooking a roast is more difficult. It seems the end cuts could easily dry out but I’m not sure. Also, I wonder about the jus overpowering the funk taste you get with dry aged beef, or if it would team up nicely.


(Jeff) #6

Very nice looking menu.

Chef was at Le Virtù in Philly and before that at Enoterra in Princeton.

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(Roz Rappaport) #7

Though the last thing we need is yet another Italian restaurant, I do find the menu intriguing. Located less than 5 minutes from our house. (I wonder if it’s in the space that used to be Brioso’s.) Will give it a try.


(Mr met) #8

brioso’s closed? I never made it to the one there, but the Staten Island location was quite good; had always had that spot in back of my mind if we ever found ourselves in the area. Only other spots we’ve really visited over there are Nonnas and La Cashina…neither really blew our souls off…


(Roz Rappaport) #9

Brioso’s kept the original restaurant when they opened a second place in a stand alone building on 9 North but eventually closed the Willow Point location. (Note: The sizable building was originally newly constructed to house an Italian restaurant whose name I don’t remember. It didn’t last long.)


(Roz Rappaport) #10

(Answering my own question above…) Passed by Il Nido this morning. It is in the space that was Brioso.



Just posted on IG that they’re open for dinner starting tonight.






Anybody been here yet?



They only opened to the public last night (based on their IG post)… definitely want to get here. One of their hashtags is #nochickenparm and THAT appeals to me! (Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but it’s the reason I rarely go out for Italian food–I’m bored seeing the same menus for decades in NJ!)

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Ah, thank you! I didn’t realize they were so fresh! I sent it to my husband as a possible option for tomorrow night but perhaps we should give it a week for them to get settled.

#nochickenparm cracks me up, too!

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(Evelyn C. Leeper) #16

Their menu is on their website. Which reminds me of another peeve: website menus without prices.

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(Jeff) #17

They actually had a soft opening Feb 27. I called last Friday and tried to get a table for that night but they were “as full as we want to be for this week” so no dice. I guess now they’re fully open.

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(Roz Rappaport) #18

We’re going this evening.

Il Nido Ristorante


I really like that they didn’t just accept the reservation anyway!

@RGR Can’t wait to hear what you think!