What's for Dinner #67 - the It's Been A YEAR Since This All Started! Edition - March 2021

Thank you

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OOH, i have some extra daikon i could use up with this recipe… looks fantastic!

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Is it odd that I also tend (very strongly in my case) to choose peas to go with chicken and rice? I think it’s not only colour - it seems to taste “right” - but then of course it would taste “right” to me, because I keep on doing it. :slight_smile:

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Chef John’s Greek Chicken & Potato bowls - Chickie thighs marinated all day in herbs, lemon juice, olive oil, cayenne, garlic, tossed with taters before roasting, then tossed with cukes, feta, tomatoes, shallots (out of red onion), and a Greek vinaigrette, then served over romaine. Really great dish, I’d make it again.

Also prepped red beans and rice for tomorrow night’s dinner, and made a new batch of kimchi - last time I made it was almost a year ago, and we’re just about finished with it now.

Kimchi prep

Kimchi Jarred


Shrimp scampi over couscous


Thank you everyone for your anniversary wishes :pray:
We continued our 10th anniversary celebration with another outstanding dinner at Il Nido. We enjoyed crispy whole black bass, veal chop, fusilli with artichoke ragu, and our usually awesome salumi board. We also splurged on our favorite wine; Caymus Cabernet. It’s ridiculously pricy at almost $200, but just tastes like velvet.


Happy 10th anniversary you two! May your future hold innumerable memorable meals, wine, and wonderful times! :champagne::wine_glass::bouquet:


Lobster Fra Diavolo paired with a Turley Zin for the first post - that’s making a dramatic entrance!


Orecchiette, hot and sweet sausage, and spinach alla vodka. Jar sauce enhanced with fresh garlic, onion, and a ton of crushed red pepper. Garlic bread on the side.


Chinese takeout tonight - beef chow fun after more than a year for me! Plus young chow fried rice, chicken corn soup, beef with broccoli, and tofu with black mushrooms.

I baked some more bread - regular and gluten free. The half loaf (square) pan makes it easy to experiment…


Extraordinary ! Beautiful photograph of you and Mrs. Paryzer too.

Have a lovely day. 10am here and off to do errands.

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Peas and rice is a very common Caribbean side to chicken, although mostly pigeon peas vice sweet peas.


Thank you @barca! I always enjoy your extraordinary meals and pictures as well.
I hope all is well with you and your family. I heard that they have another lockdown in Italy. That’s a shame, especially around Easter time. Please stay safe.

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Happy happy anniversary! Lovely to put faces with your names.


Thank you very much @Lambchop!

Thank you @ChristinaM! It’s a rare picture of us. I am not very photogenic :slightly_smiling_face: The server happened to take a nice picture of us, and I wore my sports jacket, which is another rare occurrence :slightly_smiling_face:


We live in Barcelona.
However, Italia is a very special country for us.

They have been in a “red” lockdown for sometime now and the new Prime Minister´s Decree shall take place on April 6th. This lockdown has been to reduce the death tolls and the Intensive Care Hospitalisation.

Madrid Capital is doing well, as all restaurants and bars and shops are open. No travel beyond Madrid borders.

Barcelona: We cannot leave Barcelona, however, restaurants are open, shops and markets of course.

However, it is one year of this semi loss of freedom to travel, and the mask wearing legal National Government regulation.

I see another year of this …

The problem is the slow down in the vaccination programme throughout the country as well.

Waiting for our age group to be able to get vaccinated.

The E.U. is also waiting for the Johnson & Johnson one time injection vaccine and another as well.

In meantime, Spain is in 3rd trial phase on humans for a Spanish vaccine.

So, this is the latest.

Challenging times and most conflictive as well worldwide.


Happy 10th to you and Mrs P! Both looking wonderful as usual!

“It’s a rare picture of us. I am not very photogenic” (no comment!! see I can play nice!!! lol )

Glad you enjoyed, all the best!

First time opening this March thread and saw this.

Oh, pah-leez! :+1: Don’t be so modest! You both look great! Many more happy years and many more amazing meals!

:wine_glass: :champagne:

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Thank you @NotJrvedivici! I appreciate it.

Thank you very much @Presunto! I always enjoy your extraordinary pictures and meals.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold