DEVILED EGGS - Spring 2023 (Apr-Jun) Dish of the Quarter

We’re ringing in Spring with one of my favorite Easter treats, DEVILED EGGS, as this season’s Dish of the Quarter. Can’t wait to see and read about your creative spins on this classic dish!


Linking this to start:


I’ll be making the traditional version for Easter. But I have a small stack of variations in my “make these someday” list. Including a repeat of this (2014) beet-pickled egg with lemony-honey-mustard topping, where I’ll be combining the topping with the mashed yolk for “deviled egg”. From The New Midwestern Table cookbook.


I’ve made lazy “devilled” eggs by cutting a HBE in half, squirting some kewpie on it, adding smoked paprika, done :slight_smile:

Still will easily eat 3 HBEs that way :joy:


Love beet-pickled eggs, even though I don’t care for beets. Deviling them is even better!


I make deviled eggs pretty often (because I love them). These are pretty standard - mayo, hot sauce, worcestershire sauce, mustard. Topped with Tony Cachere’s and pickled coriander seeds.


I haven’t made deviled eggs in many years, but I used to sometimes mix in some curry powder (nothing fancy like Garam Masala…just the canned types made by Japanese companies like S&B or House) into the yolks along with mayonnaise (Best Foods/Hellman’s in the US, Kewpie here in Japan) and salt & pepper. Simple and quite good.


OMG SAME. Though I’ll throw on some chopped green onion or shallot if it’s handy.

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@Rooster posted this recipe in the old deviled eggs thread. [Edit - oh, @Saregama already posted the thread. I’ll change link to the photo of mine]

I’ve made it 3 more times now since first making it for a Christmas party and it’s a been a huge hit, and I plan to do it again for Easter.

I’ve made it as-written and also by subbing about 1/5 of the called-for hummus with additional amounts to the mayo. I like it a little better with the mayo sub as I think the hummus is a bit tart; my wife likes it better as-writ.

If making this strictly by the recipe, I’d advise holding out a couple of the yolks from the mash (if doing 10-12 eggs) to see how thick it is, then pasting and adding the last couple yolks if the texture is not too thick for you. I like to pipe my filling in to make a fluted shape and using all the yolks makes it super thick and hard to pipe. But even if spooning in the filling, you might find it too thick.

Other than this one, my deviled eggs have been pretty standard. I usually follow my old BHG cookbook - mayo, bit of salt, acid, plus a few drops of Worcestershire and some hot sauce.


Well, it doesn’t take much to egg me on for some deviled eggs… sorry sorry, I know that’s as terrible but I couldn’t help myself :joy:

3 eggs have been hanging out in the fridge for far too long, so I boiled them while prepping dinner and turned them into deviled eggs (I could/should have made “dimer debhil” ie the Indian / Bengali version, but not tonight).

Used (ironic, wait for it) eggless mayo because that’s what’s in stock at home, and seasoned with some fantastic garlic chutney my mom’s cook buys specially for me, plus some (indian) pickle spice aka “kora masala” (which is suspiciously similat to adjika spice mix) to add a little more depth of flavor.

Not pretty (because I refuse to pipe the yolks) but very tasty!


I DID throw a lil chopped scallion on mine bc they’re thriving in a water glass on my kitchen window sill :slight_smile:

Love the bite & kronch.

Honey nuts? In the deviled eggs?

Trust me, it works. I was skeptical but found it helps offset some of the tart.

That said, at least twice I just had plain salted and they were fine, too.

I love this creamy and slightly sweet recipe, which uses mayo and heavy cream, and a mesh strainer for the yolks. The original version can be found in Edna Lewis and Scott Peacock’s “The Gift of Southern Cooking.”

The original calls for 1 1/2 tbsp cider vinegar, and a full tablespoon goes into the water for boiling the eggs. (Linked recipe doesn’t add vinegar to water and just uses white vinegar).

Admittedly, I don’t stand these eggs on end because I like to use my egg-shaped deviled egg dish.


I’ve deviled many an egg in my time, using whatever is at hand to fold into the yolks – it’s a forgiving food – but nothing quite matches this:

And, yes, they are all that. Our daughter, with many food distastes, has found them irresistible, as have we. We order them every time we’re there.


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omg it’s you! I’m a huge fan of your eggs.

I am SO stealing this line.

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For a quickie, I like to smear on a little mayo and a dab of relish, eaten standing up, of course.

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