Ceviche, crudo, sashimi, tartare, tiradito, and aguachile

I got some halibut from Costco, thinking I would use some raw, but maybe not halibut. I think there is another thread about this risk/benefit with various fish.

I do love raw fish/seafood though. Got me thinking.


I discovered an interesting lemon vinegar halibut ceviche…

… the plot twist being the prep time is one month – ‘first mature your vinegar’, as Mrs Beaton might have put it.

On the food-safety aspect, provenance of the fish is the key thing, I think. Well, that and your own hearty constitution, I trust!


I made the tiradito today! Really nice. The sauce makes it.


Did you use a recipe? Is that tuna? Hope it was tasty!

Yes; the first link, from Seri9us eats
I believe it was labled “yellow tail”, but now I’m no longer sure what that means.
It was tasty, but mostly because of the sauce. Within about 30 minutes the texture was no longer right.

It was one of these; I think maybe yellowfin

Mmm I miss the fresh yellowtail and tuna and black cod from the fisherman chap in SD!

Looks pinker than yellowtail, so I’m guessing it was the tuna.

Now I’m hunting Instacart for Aji Amarillo paste near me…

Would this be the black cod?

Note to self; you won’t remember.

Looks like it. (Yes, I used to label the vacuum bags too!)

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Looks like it’s what’s for dinner tomorrow
. Where’s Sergio when I need him

Adding poke, chirashi and lomi lomi to the list of possibilities to make with my “sashimi quality fish” from Truefish


Any thoughts about using a seasoning sauce from Omson; maybe “Mala Salad”?

I can’t go to the store right now, but have things like soy sauces and sesame oil.


Those are gorgeous pieces of fish. What’s on the left - yellowtail?

If you do, maybe go light so the fish isn’t overshadowed (or maybe save those for cooked preps).

The Nobu raw/cured flavor profiles have worked well for me in the past – “new style”, ponzu-jalapeno, matsuhisa dressing, etc. There’s a tiradito too.

A too-short-lived Portuguese spot in nyc had a lovely raw snapper prep — it had coconut milk, some kind of spicy chilli, and maybe makrut lime or lemongrass (if you have some of those at hand).

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I agree! Here they are “unboxed”

The “white” one is yellow tail, which I am continuing to learn about. I just sliced some with my new knife, and ate it with some Kikoman soy sauce and reconstituted horseradish powder. I have yet to make “wasabi” at home like I like it.

Today I found this.

His is an interesting website, and local to me.


Perfect! I have those ingredients. Can you point me toward the tiradito recipe?

Also @linguafood; Scratching the Omson sauce idea. I just noticed they have a use by date in 2021. They seemed like such a good idea when I bought them.

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Honestly, with such pristine quality fish I wouldn’t fuss much with any sauces (and I wasn’t all that impressed with the 3 sauce Omson sampler I got once :woman_shrugging:).

A slight brush of tamari & maybe a smidgen of wasabi is all those gorgeous fishies need. Swoon.


I think I may have been gifted those. I still have one of the lemongrass and two of the sisig sauces left. They clearly weren’t a hit at casa lingua.

While this recipe calls for searing the tuna, you can absolutely serve this with raw tuna or hamachi. The last time I made this, I swapped out the sun dried tomatoes for some Campari ones that I dried in a low oven (~250F) for about an hour or hour and a half. I used raw kanpachi for the fish:


That sounds great! And I have some fennel, although it’s sous vide , and not raw

I’m sure this is obvious to many, but why tuna or hamachi, but not salmon? Is the salmon flavor too strong?

Maybe it’s already in the thread somewhere, but I found this today.

You could do salmon too. I think as long as it is a fish that you like raw already it would be fine :slight_smile: