Your cookbook shelves

Show us the place where you store your cookbooks, the types of books you read and we will guess the type of chef you are.:crazy_face:


Here are the few I keep in the kitchen. They are rotated somewhat, but I always have the same certain few in there. I’ll post some others bit by bit soon.

BTW, the latest purchase was successfully retrieved on the down low, but it was a close call. :sweat_smile: It’s the Cultural Revolution Cookbook that @ Saregama posted about.


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Haha, yes I’m a good hider. Actually, once the contraband has been received I don’t need to hide the books at all. If H sees and questions, I simply tell him it’s been on the shelf for years. He can’t keep up with me, and I can’t even keep up with myself. Really thankful when Amazon tells me I’ve already bought it :joy_cat::joy_cat: I’ve bought more than a few duplicates at Goodwill after convincing myself I don’t have the book. So I pass them on or give them back to GW. No returns at GW on books, movies, music.

As far as H and the collecting goes, it’s not a money issue, but a “stuff” issue, and he’s well aware of my little game. Have to then tell him how lucky he is that I’m happy with $1.99 cookbooks, rather than having a Nordstrom shopping collection habit. As his good buddy’s wife does…


I am aware, and have the same issue. As much as I am irritated, I know the hubs makes sense. I am working fro home today, and right next to my “main bookshelf”

This one is designated for cookbooks.

There are others, mostly for old cooking magazines that I just have been able to let go. I had some old Gourmet. agsthat Eat Your Books asked me to send pictures of the covers of, when I pointed out there’s were not the same as what I had.


But - they aren’t alphabetized or have Dewey decimal tags on them! grin

For large amounts of flour we use our pantry flour container (a big Lock-n-Lock) as a measuring “cup” and load up in Foodsaver vacuum seal bags. When the pantry runs down we have just the right amount to fill back up. Vacuum sealed flour lasts at least a year on the shelf.

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Was supposed to say

There are other book shelves, mostly for old cooking magazines that I just haven’t been able to let go. I had some old Gourmet mags that Eat Your Books asked me to send pictures of the covers of, when I pointed out theirs were not the same as what I had.

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Yep @shrinkrap, we have to be considerate of those we live with, but when I took my vows, there wasn’t one in there that I wouldn’t become a cookbook hoarder, er, I mean “collector”…


I always smile seeing How to Cook Everything on a shelf…along with other titles. Apparently, not! :wink:.

My Cookbook shelf is digital. My wife uses food magazine screen shots. The only hard copies we own now are a few titles inherited from family. I have not looked through them enough.

I do marvel at your grand collection; very diverse.


Screen capture is welcome too !

I have both digital and physical. Physical, 60% are French books, so I wonder if there is any interest.


Okay, here’s what my wife has on the ipad for me to pour through. She flags indiv pages as she sees fit.

Notice a bread baking pattern? Lol…


Def there is interest!

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Quick pic of a short stack in the den.

Family shared a few.

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Digital ones first.


You can be sure I organized these before taking the picture :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So what do they say about me? :laughing:





It seems 1 or 2 I use a lot disappeared.


Wow! That’s a lot of books. Any that you open most regularly?

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Depends with period, these days i’m In the baking and pasta mood so pastry and pasta books are used regularly. The Vietnamese books, I use them quite a lot. The least are those chef coffee books (or food porns), I stopped buying those, rarely cook from them.

I cook more often with magazines theses days, have 3 shelves of those.



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