What's For Dinner #7 - March 2016. The Primavera Edition

Went to my Tampa roots for some yellow rice and chicken to day. Spatchcocked a chicken, seasoned and tossed on the patio grill. Made a sofrito for the rice to cook in. Seasoned Cuban bread and salad to complement the mains.


Did we have dinner? We’re ‘sitting’ our grands. Four years and four months. I barely got it started when the baby decided to semi-melt down. Thank she-god for Bob. A pork blade chop pan fried, TJs Harvest Grains cooked in chicken stock with some butter and grated cheddar and green peas. We’re both exhausted…but in the best way :slight_smile:


Smoked haddock & creamy lentils.

Yet another Nigel Slater recipe. This one from “Eat” (pge 191)


It’s pretty great for a mass-produced item.

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OMG everybody’s meals for the March look amazing so far - I am now STARVING. Have not been by for awhile not much going on culinarily at Casa JT especially since the oven took a powder last month ;( prepping for a total redo of the kitchen - started boxing it all up this week for a tear out around 4/1.

I have also embarked in the last week on a bit of a “D-word” effort as spring is coming and a winter of baking, braising and boozing has taken its toll ;( last night was pierogi, sauerkraut and sautéed chard for a bit of a “cheat night” although I did use less butter than I normally would :wink:

In the upcoming weeks I will be living vicariously through all of you in anticipation of a new, and newly functional kitchen to be restored sometime this spring.

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@JTPhilly, you might be interested in these two threads started by @StoneSoup. Good luck with your renovations!

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Thanks LInda!, It’s going to be a PITA but it will be worth it in then end! I am definitely buying one of those immersion jobs seen upthread once its done - someone use one of those for superbowl this year and I was very impressed - editing what goes and stays will be the hardest because my kitchen is unfortunately not getting any bigger ;(

Kitchen remodel will be a nightmare. Took them four weeks, as we had some construction work done as well. We camped out with the microwave, takeaways and dining out. I was so pissed off with the whole thing I began to wish we’d never started.


Job’s Comforter


No cooking tonight or tomorrow. We have an early eve gig at a small business event at a local small plates & cocktail place, so we’re likely to eat something at the venue afterwards.

Tomorrow is my sweetie’s birfday, and so we’ll be gathering a few friends at the CBDTR for food & libations.


Ah… that’s good to know, Thank you, John! I love KD1 as well as “Eat”. I had heard the same about KD2 and thought I’d hold off buying till I saw KD3 and you have just confirmed my next purchase.

WFD: Neapolitan Pasta Fagioli:
Soffritto of celery, carrot, onion, garlic; chopped tomatoes; red pepper flakes; homecooked Jacob’s cattle beans in place of cannellini; broken linguini. Grilled ciabatta. This is a thick stew eaten with a spoon and plenty of dry red wine at hand.

My Godmother’s husband, Uncle Nick, used to serve his homemade red wine that only he and Uncle Frank could drink because it was so strong. Uncle Frank cut his with orange soda. The grapes for the wine were grown on his property on a beautiful arbor that he had built.


We start this Friday. Will be camping out at home with my InstantPot, microwave, Technivorm, Weber Genesis grill and a one burner induction cooktop I have almost no pans for except teapot and skillet.

Head to a thrift store with magnet in hand and see if anything “sticks.” If so you can use it on your induction hot plate.

I recall seeing it as brinjal in Singapore and Indonesia. My father told me that was a more Indian word for it, but I think he may have been mistaken. Interesting link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eggplant#Etymology_and_regional_names

After 18 years of life my son had finally expressed an interest in one of his dad’s favorite foods, steak! Tonight I took him to one of my favorite steakhouses Empire Steakhouse in Manhattan. (Sister to Ben and Jacks Steakhiuse)

For me; prime aged strip on the bone, side creamed spinach. Him filet mignon and truffle Mac n cheese. (OMG I had once spoonful soooooo good)


Back from another fabulous 3 day WOMAD festival - lots of great international acts and disappointing food. The music highlight was a version of Four Women sung by Ester Rada. The food highlight was a noodle salad that was only average. I’m glad to be cooking again!

Easy eats tonight. Sausages - siu mai flavour made by a friend. Green beans were on special today so I’ll do vegetarian dry fried green beans alongside as well as potato slivers if I get my stir frying coordinated.


Just got back from Mount Shasta City . It’s good to be home . Veal chop, sautéed zucchini , boiled Russian fingerlings . Crossed over Shasta Lake today it’s twenty two feet from cresting the top of the dam . WOW .


Coconut milk curry over rice tonight, a smashup of several recipes i looked up- i used chickpeas from my freezer, ginger, curry powder (love Penzey’s version), cauliflower, red bell pepper, zucchini, cilantro and chopped salted cashews on top.
Enough leftovers for a few lunches.


That is phenomenal news about the lake. Off topic :slight_smile:

Tomorrow’s night dinner but I cooked it today. Rick Bayless recipe for pork tinga from Mexican Everyday. I’ve made this several times and it’s as easy as it is good.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold