What's For Dinner #7 - March 2016. The Primavera Edition

Last night’s meal was unusual and will never forget. Panned fried squid with hot pepper and garlic.
All sounds well except that hot pepper was Habanero pepper, and 2 were used for a portion of 2 person. As a side, I have some chopped cucumber with a yogurt sauce, thinking that will be enough to offset the heat from the pepper. And no! Before the meal, everybody started to have running nose, sneezing. The heat was so intense, we needed to swallow each 3 cups of yogurt, ice water. My cat was around, he got so afraid of our reaction that he though we are about to transform into alien and he ran away to save his life (sneezing too).

Well, today, hands burnt, mouth burnt, stomach burnt (pain, especially Mr. naf). Well, we basically tried everything to ease the burning sensation on the skin. At least it’s a memorable comical Leap day.

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There’s to be lamb sharwama - using leg meat that was leftover from a roast and frozen. It’ll get tossed in oil and za’atar and reheated in the frying pan. I’m making moutabal and we should have the wherewithal for tabbouleh and fattoush. Lavash bread for an additional carb. A couple of jars to be opened for pickles. Dates for afters.

(Reposted from WFD #6)

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Poor cat.

Haha… I did it, too. Had no idea how hot it could actually be and bit into it (a scotch bonnet). My head exploded on the spot. It was terrifying. I have been making my own chilli oil with scotch bonnet peppers ever since. Would never bite into one ever again.

Dinner today was tempeh. Photos later.


WFD: ~ Today we pick up Haddock fillets from the F/V William Lynn. Tonight it’s baked Latvian Haddock and Scalloped Potatoes from Please to the Table. Layers of: baking potatoes; fried pieces of haddock dredged in flour; clarified butter; cooked and sliced baking potatoes; sliced onions; mixed mushrooms; sweet Hungarian paprika; S & P; dill; eggs; half and half cream; breadcrumbs.
~ Caucasian Tomato and Garlic Salad & Crusty dark rye bread.


That’s not just an “ouch”. That’s a "Holy MOFG what the hell did I DO to myself?!*$&@# ouch!!!

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I found out that I have to have surgery again at the end of the month so I’m making a lot of things that I can double or triple and freeze dinner sized portions of so the man can easily heat up dinner when he gets home for a week or so after in case my guts hurt to much to cook.

Tonight is gyoza meatballs from meljoulwan.com. Think dumplings minus the wrapper- really tasty! I sub ground chicken since I don’t do pork. I’ll shred and quickly sautee some green cabbage for under them and slice up some red peppers and cukes and trim some snap peas to go with.


Springtime Enchiladas – potato, spinach, pasilla chiles, zucchini filling wrapped in freshly made corn tortillas topped w/ tomatillo salsa. At table, we’ll pass: guacamole, cilantro, lime wedges, cotijo cheese and whatever else leaps out of the fridge.


Didn’t leave work until 7 p.m. tonight. Month end invoicing hell. And my receptionist goes on vacation tomorrow for 4 days, so I get to answer the phones. Oh, and plan a baby shower by Thursday. And deal with whatever else gets thrown my way. Yay me. ::twirling my finger in the air::

A reheat on one of the dishes of mac & ham & cheese. That’s it. No salad. No wine. Maybe some chocolate. And definitely NCIS and NCIS-NOLA.


Sorry to hear this, Weezie. Sending you lots of healing thoughts!

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I decided i was in the mood for a spanish beany stew, and eventually found this version- i used some white beans i had cooked and frozen a while back and omitted the “hoja de laurel” since i didnt have any, and used the fabulous pimentón dulce i have. I added in a few big handfuls of spinach just as i turned off the heat because i wanted veggies yet had a lackluster assortment for salad making. Simple and rather quick, very tasty. I just wish i had picked up some crusty bread…


Autumn flavours tonight, the heat and humidity have finally ceased. The weather feels almost crisp.

There’s a butternut squash I plan to roast with onions. Half a red cabbage will be turned into the fabulous sounding recipe @Ttrockwood linked to the other day: http://food52.com/recipes/41256-waverley-root-s-agrigento-red-cabbage-with-black-olives-and-capers
And, the shiitake log will be harvested and the mushrooms sliced and fried in butter. A leaf or two of lettuce or sorrel my be added to the plate for a bit of green.


Sorry to hear about the impending surgery @WeezieD.

No wine??? Are you nuts? :slight_smile:

Marcela Hazan’s (buttery) tomato sauce and meatballs, even frozen, were terrific, of course, and we both had a craving for garlic bread, which became the delivery mechanism, as steve h. sez, instead of pasta or polenta. Love toasty, crunchy, crackly garlic bread sooooo much. The spread was softened butter, grated garlic, granulated garlic, kosher salt, minced parsley and dried oregano, a dab of mayo, and parm regg. I of course slathered some of the leftover garlicky butter on my bread AFTER it came out of the oven, too. Because, butter. “Oh, that’s going to be too much bread, isn’t it, baby…?” um, yeah. all gone.

BF made a nice salad with cherry peppers, a little bit of cabbage, red leaf lettuce, HBE, chopped kalamatas, and vinaigrette.


sorry to hear about your surgery, hope it’s as minor and quick-recovering as possible. those gyoza sound great - i’ll check out the site.

Nice sounding dinner! [quote=“mariacarmen, post:15, topic:3799”]
as steve h. sez
[/quote] - where is Steve H these days? Anyone know?

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There’s an unexpected change of routine today so I get to stay home a few hours longer. Can’t really eat a lot as I am hitting the gym soon, but I am using this opportunity to braise a cut up lamb shoulder. It will be turned into several meals.

Here’s tempeh from last night. Seasoning was fish sauce, soy sauce and some grated palm sugar. Wish I had Thai basil, too.

Mung bean noodles

Steamed aubergines with preserved turnips. There’s also a shot of sherry and sesame oil in it.

The stir fry

(Frizzle, Steve H. is around, on Lingua’s FB WFD group, IIRC.)


I have it in mind that he just plays on lingua’s WFD Facebook page these days. I presume attempts to tempt him here have failed.


Nope. At least not that I know of. I was just exhausted last night. Wine would have knocked me out, and I needed to wind down a bit just vegging in front of the TV.

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