RIding out a kitchen remodel; survival tips and hints welcome

Continuing the discussion from Feedback on stainless sinks and other kitchen remodel choices:

Thanks for your input.

We put this last remodel off so we could live as comfortably as possible by having the kitchen and downstairs full bath and guest room sealed off for us to use throughout. They were clean, not dusty, but the pictures show mostly plastic sheeting to the ceiling and zippers to get from place to place. At least this time, dust will be a much smaller concern and we won’t be in a plastic warren for 3 mos. I HOPE! Really a very small bathroom and kitchen. But not using my super speedy general contractor this time, doing the GC stuff myself. Right now our LR is looking a bit like a stock room for Home Depot. So ready to get this done!

I think I can keep using the dining room, with the old fridge in the living room til the end. I’ll just push the table into the corner so they don’t run into it while hauling bathroom debris out the patio door there. The bath we are redoing has a window, but it’s decorative, no opening to toss stuff into the dumpster that’s going to be right outside.