What's for Dinner #55: The March Forward Into Spring Edition - March 2020

Looks delish, as does all your food. Too funny though, we made traditional Salisbury steak, pictured upthread a few nights ago. Was going to do a teriyaki riff on it next time.

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Poulet riesling, with many substitutions. Chicken legs for whole parts, dried plurots for white mushrooms, house “champagne” (California sparkling) for riesling. With giant couscous. Still comforting.



Steak rolled with spinach, bread crumbs, garlic, onion, and pecorino. Side of cauliflower mashed potatoes (predominantly cauliflower) with more garlic and parmesan.

A loaf of Dutch Oven bread with the recipe we saw on YouTube. Served hot out of the oven with butter.

There were [several] Stoli on the rocks with lime. Even my cat wanted some.


Making @NotJrvedivici proud! :grin:


Last dinner in March:
Red Beans + Black Rice…


I was never a vodka guy until the last six or seven months. Coincidentally, that’s when I started working my current job! LMAO

Stoli (thank you @NotJrvedivici) and Tito’s are the only two I thoroughly enjoy. On the rocks, in a martini. Sobieski and Svedka good as a middle tier vodka. Aside from that, I stick to gin as I’m sure you know! :joy:


My man…


I’m am now trying to cater to TWO preferences that are not my own. This adobo chicken breast and medium New York steak are sitting on a counter waiting for hunger to strike husband and daughter. They are on their own for sides.

I almost wrote “coronavirus…take me away”, but it’s not funny. “Calgon…take me away…”.


Nice knife!


What did you eat then?

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Another round of ”ragda pattice” - stewed white peas with potato (sweet tonight) patties, topped with chutneys and other garnishes. Street food made healthier at home. Salad in lieu of a vegetable.

I’ve been craving chaat for a few weeks now, and since the chutneys were out anyway, I made a quick fake sev puri - crisp dough rounds topped with potato, onions, chutneys, and sev - using tortilla chips (didn’t have the right puris, which are back in my nyc cupboard, plus the kiddo who loves these as much as I do is gluten restricted at the moment).

Also made a big batch of chicken stock in the IP using a small pack of chicken legs I lucked upon during the early chicken shortage, lol. First my dad’s chicken soup, then chicken tinga and other cravings. I used some chipotle in the broth and it’s spiiiicyyyyy! 3 big containers in the freezer, 1 in the fridge along with the meat I took off the legs before returning the bones and skin to the IP for another round of cooking.

May need to make a small loaf of crusty bread to go with the soup for dinner tomorrow :smiley:


@Saregama, can’t remember if I told you, but kid #1 made your family chicken soup a couple weeks ago. I sent her home with the spices she needed, and she added chicken, whereas we put no meat in ours, but did use chicken stock.

Forgive me if I’ve repeated myself, not sleeping well here!



Same here…Have picked up food and brought it in, can’t remember in the last 5 years where we had it delivered…
In our southern location because of our distance to most of the restaurants, they have a (geographic) delivery surcharge or a $50 minimum to deliver… So I will always pick it up. (Two of us cannot eat $50 worth of pizza or Chinese food. Although it is nice to get a free soup and a can of Coke.)


Hot bread and butter…the ultimate comfort food!


I ate the fatty part of husband’s steak!


Last couple of dinners: prime rib Monday night, and leftover Thai from Sunday, with potstickers from the freezer. The Thai plate pictured was mine, and despite eating all that food, still didn’t sleep. Monday night too, despite all the carbs, eaten to help promote drowsiness. Yikes! Maybe I need to borrow someone’s toddler for a day.


That sucks! How about some light exercises or stretching?

Meals were delicious though.

My favorite cut. Nice do.


Thank you! Sadly, I bent the tip trying to sharpen in a stone, and I’ve been afraid to try again.

I can work out my upper body with weights & do some crunches, maybe it will help. Do need to work on my muscles and getting strength back too. Maybe a couple cooking projects also!

Thanks re: the dinners, they both tasted amazing. Beef was outrageously good! The red wine, not so much.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold