What's for Dinner #55: The March Forward Into Spring Edition - March 2020

Daylight Savings Time upcoming. It’s Smarch…probably the most unpredictable month of weather. Will there be snow, or won’t there be snow? Who knows.

Cooking is still in winter mode in some areas of the country, but promises of new Spring vegetables are whispering ever so quietly.

So what are you all cooking?


And I spent a quiet day on Sunday reading and making a big pot of meat sauce.

So sketti and sawce and a crusty buttered roll and a small salad was for dinner. And yes, wine. :grin:


Dinner today was a small stone fired pizza and a couple drafts from our favorite pizza place after a 6 mile walk on the beach. Gorgeous day


More pork schnitzel, steamed baby Yukons, beet greens.
This is my plate; single potato with smashed baby yukon anointed with truffle oil; dh blanketed his pile of potatoes and several slabs of pork with white pork gravy.


Sunday, March 1, dinner was a menu return to broiled T-Bone steaks and yellow potatoes. My taste is starting to “come around”. :hugs:


Sunday night pizza. Italian sausage. Taste was spot on. Going to reduce the dough weight from 1 - 2 oz . Side salad not shown . Cheers .


We had another excellent dinner at Il Nido with some friends. Below is a link to some details and pictures for those that might be interested.


Mostly merguez with herby yogurt.

But also Grilling: Merguez (Or How to Make Juicy Homemade Sausage) from Serious Eats.

Fir the record; this is ground lamb I froze in 2018 after a thread about a bargain on ground lamb.

Vacuum sealed and still pretty good.


Good eating here today.

DH made his yummy aloo parathas for brunch today (indian griddle fried flatbread stuffed with spiced potatoes). They’re one of the best things he makes and he only makes them a few times a year. Served with a big blob of butter, carrot pickle and plain yogurt.

For dinner, I had some beef chuck I needed to use, so I found a beef stew recipe for the Instant Pot. Came out so good that everyone took seconds. Was hoping for leftovers for work lunch tomorrow, but it was all polished off.


Wow - the color! Looks like the perfect stew and now I want some!


Good to see you on WFD again!

That aloo paratha looks delicious!


Busy cooking weekend for me, but forgot to take pics of most of it.

Yesterday I made 2 kinds of spiced snacking puris - regular and gluten free. My first time experimenting with GF anything. They tasted fine, but the texture was much harder than normal.

Today was a marathon, though it really didn’t feel like it.

Started with fried rice and garlic green beans for lunch.

Then a few rounds of dhokla (steamed rice cakes) for snacks and breakfast over the next few days (I soaked & ground rice & lentils last night to ferment them overnight, having realized we were out of ready batter and instant packets entirely).

Then another sojourn into GF land - flatbreads this time (thepla - well spiced and good on their own, or with a bit of yogurt or pickle). Xanthan gum arrived, so I made just a small amount of dough to test out the gum. Well, it was amazing - yesterday I had super soft dough that I could only press, not roll. Today - it was like regular dough, and the resulting flatbreads were soft and pliable. Kid recipient gave 2 thumbs up (and polished off all 6 that were produced).

Dinner was a disaster. We planned DIY sushi. After all the prep was done and one roll made, I tasted a piece… well, the rice was rancid. U.G.H. Regrouped and made quesadillas, opened a can of refried beans and doctored them, and used the prepped veg as sides. I was too exhausted to eat.

Here is my dinner several hours later:

And a gratuitous pic of sweet limes picked from the planters outside:


Must have been good :rofl:

All I craved was homemade naan with melted ghee after delicious vacation eats. 4 ingred naan pillow soft.


Last night I made big steak salads for all of us to use up the leftover steak from Saturday night. Blue cheese dressing and extra blue cheese crumbles. My nephew is a blue cheese fiend. (For this New Englander, being able to buy an avocado and use it the same day, confident that it will be good is such a treat!)


I hear you re avocados! Nice plating.


Yum! Recipe please!

I followed this video to the T. Melted TJ’s jarred ghee And slathered warm out of the dry pan.


Today I made millet with baked potatoes, carrots and zucchini, for dessert, meringue with fruit.
To which my children and husband replied that they ordered a pizza…
Next time I will buy them ready made food from the Polish market. They will be equally satisfied and I will not have to cook :slight_smile:


Nicely done!